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Ashe is back in Overwatch 2 with hardly any alterations from her gunslinging, B.O.B. throwing self in Blizzard’s original FPS game. While she may be essentially the same Ashe as before, that’s not really a bad thing. Ashe is a strong ranged hero capable of keeping enemies at bay and harassing foes with her trusty robotic butler B.O.B., even if she may not be quite as strong as some DPS heroes.

Ashe overview

Ashe is a long-range support DPS who wields a devastatingly powerful rifle and can hurl explosives at her foes or surprise them with a close-range blast to get away. Ashe works best at mid- and long-range, where her rifle blasts deal a respectable amount of damage on their own–and even more if you use her built-in scope. Reloading Ashe’s shotgun takes a few seconds, but you can create a cover blast using her dynamite ability to keep foes busy. Just make sure your allies aren’t nearby when it explodes, or it’ll set them on fire–not the best way to earn commendations.


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Ashe lacks strong mobility skills, and that, combined with a slow rate of fire and reload times, means she suffers in close-range combat. Make sure to keep Ashe just behind the frontlines, where she can safely support your team’s main DPS or tank.

Ashe abilities

  • The Viper: Ashe fires up to 12 rounds from her rifle
  • The Viper (ADS): Ashe looks down her rifle’s scope and fires a stronger blast. She can move and jump while aiming down sights
  • Dynamite: Ashe throws a bundle of explosives that detonates after a few seconds or if she shoots it. Can cause friendly fire and literally ignite self and allies
  • Coach Gun: Ashe causes a small explosion that knocks enemies back and propels her backwards
  • B.O.B.: Summons a robot that charges forward and fires a spray of bullets

Make each shot count

Ashe’s Viper fires 12 rounds, but slow reload times make aiming carefully more important than usual. The ideal way to use Viper is with its ADS feature activated, since each shot deals more damage and you have better control over where they land.

The problem is one of power. Viper is a strong weapon, but it takes a headshot and follow-up shot to defeat a foe, even with the added ADS power boost. That’s what keeps Ashe from occupying a main DPS role. She’s often better suited to either softening enemies or finishing them off, though with a well-timed dynamite blast, she can manage both simultaneously.

Seek the high ground

Ashe’s Coach Gun is an excellent mobility skill that can save Ashe in a pinch and even helps support the team by knocking foes back. While you wait for the 10-second cooldown to end, though, Ashe is pretty vulnerable. She has no other movement skills, can’t dash, and moves at a comparatively slow pace.

Ashe's dynamite ability sets foes on fire and deals continuous damage over a short period of time.
Ashe’s dynamite ability sets foes on fire and deals continuous damage over a short period of time.

Viper’s long range and ADS function mean Ashe can, and should, find a spot above the fray to take down enemies and provide covering fire for her team. Hiding on a balcony or in a tower naturally doesn’t guarantee safety, since enemies will eventually figure out where your fire is coming from. However, it does give you a chance to empty a full round of shots, toss some dynamite, and then relocate while Ashe reloads.

The art of buttling

B.O.B. is much more than just a throwaway robo-butler who shoots your foes. While the turret mode is certainly useful, his charge attack deals heavy damage when it connects, and he can even launch foes in the air. Launched foes are easier to target and, obviously, are removed from combat for a few seconds, making this a creative method of dealing with resilient enemies standing in your way.

B.O.B. also benefits from team buffs and counts as a player in a capture zone. If you need an extra body in the objective area or just want to provide a distraction, hurl B.O.B. into the fray and buy yourself some extra time.

  • Coach Gun is a potent antidote to Roadhog’s grappling hook that gives Ashe a better chance of escaping than most characters have
  • B.O.B. spawns to Ashe’s right when activated. Bear that in mind when triggering her ultimate so the ‘bot doesn’t rush off where no enemies await
  • Ashe’s dynamite ability works particularly well in cramped quarters or if your foes are clustered around an objective
  • Ashe is well suited to targeting healers. Their low HP and lack of options for dealing with long-range threats make them easy targets
  • Try shooting dynamite while it’s in the air to rain fire down on enemy groups

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