Show Off Your Open Circle Dangle Earrings In A Stylish Way

We all know that earrings are beautiful pairs of accessories and they have the power to captivate the onlooker. The beautiful gold disc earrings can give a sense of femininity and style to your personal

Did you know that your entire look can be twisted if you wear a simple silver circle dangle earring? Yes, you read it right. If you thankfully and symbolize your accessories as per the occasion and your dress they can keep your style games strong. Even if you are doing a regular job, earrings can dress you up in a way that is unique and pretty. With so many options embracing the Wardrobe, it is quite tickling to find out your favorite fashion accessories that suit your personality the best. 

gold disc earrings

Here are a few factors that you must keep in mind before you choose a set of earrings for yourself.

Understand The Cut of Your Face 

When you are choosing accessories for yourself, the shape of your face plays a very crucial role. Please understand that the right pair of gold disc earrings can flatter your look and you can look out of the crowd. If you have an oval-shaped face, you can go for simple starts for triangular gold carings. If you have a round face then you can drop all the attention with gold medallion earrings. A heart-shaped face looks good when it is open circle earrings or Gold disc earrings. Therefore, understanding your face cut is very important while choosing accessories for yourself.

Pick The Right Pair To Match Your Bone Structure 

Did you know that women who have a fine and small bone structure go for elegant designs in Gold disc earrings? This is because it compliments your beauty. The large open circle silver earrings look amazing on the bulky women with final features and shape. Women who have a medium bone structure can go for silver circle dangle earrings or open circle earrings. Women who have a solid bone structure can go for bigger gold medallion earrings or big silver circle dangle earrings.

Wear Gold Disc Earrings As Per The Occasion 

Definitely. It is important to wear the earrings as per the venue and occasion. If you are visiting your office, you must go for slight drop earrings or simple studs. They would look perfect as compared to the heavy ones. The heavy earrings on a casual pair will make you feel uncomfortable all day. If you are about to attend a special occasion like a wedding or a date night, let the bling shine on you with heavy hoops, gold Medallion earrings, or Gold disc earrings. This is how you can select the perfect pair of earrings for all your special occasions.

Don’t Deviate From Your Style 

Whether you are a feminine personality or a tomboy, it is vital to feeling comfortable in your look. Select the open circle earrings that suit your personality. There are many types of earrings available such as gold Medallion earrings, silver circle dangle earrings, gold disc earrings, and so on. If you really want to choose to wear heavy clothing you must go with muted colors and soft tones. For a dramatic personality, geometric earrings will suit you the best


Apart from all the factors given above it is important for you to select open circle earrings that match your complexion. Accessories can make or break your personality and appearance. With undertones like sky blue, peach colors, the golden Medallion earrings look lavish and extraversion. The gold disc earrings also looked amazing on fair complexions. There are bold and loud colors light blue, black, green, which look great on the wheatish complexion. This means you must decide which accessory to go for based on complexion. 

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