Benefits of playing an online multiplayer quiz game

With change in technology people love to go for virtual games and quizzes. There are several platforms where they can find such quiz which challenges their knowledge and improve their overall intelligence. The makers of such quizzes find it easy yet tricky to have the best content for the mass. 

Here are a couple of the benefits of Online Quizzes. Taking quizzes online is becoming an overwhelming success. But why is that such an immense success? What brings people together to use online quizzes rather than written quizzes? This article shows you why this tool is so common to use and why people love to be a part of the same. 

Keep your audience engaged

Engage your audience and bind them to your brand or learning content specially and enjoyably. You will be enhancing your customer loyalty by producing a return experience with play quiz and win money.

Huge number

Taking quizzes online allows a large number of participants to take part in online multiplayer quiz games. It could be as many as 1000 attendees (and even more!). It doesn’t matter where they take the online quiz, as long as they’re linked to the Internet.

No cheating

Randomizing your query with only one click is substantially easier than doing it all manually. Randomizing questions in online multiplayer quiz games and even answering certain questions isn’t a lot of online quizzing work to do. Besides the value of saving time, it also helps to avoid cheating on the students.

Quiz results

Another advantage of online quizzes is that the participants will get instant results. The author not only gets the results, but the user himself can also get his or her results. This makes it possible for the developer to find information gaps. Participants will see what sort of section they need to better themselves on.

Auto timer

The creator can set a timer for the entire quiz, or set a timer per question. This can be achieved with written quizzes, but for the teacher, it is rather time consuming. Plus, with a large number of participants, it’s almost difficult to do so.

Detailed overview

With online quizzes, it is possible to answer one question at the time. People cannot miss a question because you’re going to get a warning that you can’t leave the answer blank.

Good for your brand

There are many ways to gain more brand awareness: create new digital advertising opportunities, develop your online channels traffic, increase on-site time, and boost social media messaging about your campaign and brand.

Which application is considered to be the best for playing online multiplayer quiz game?

Zoom appears to be the one that most people are comfortable with; it allows you to use different backgrounds and allows up to 100 people to be invited. Suppose you’ve paid for a premium account, though. In that case, Zoom only allows meetings to last for 40 minutes, so the leader has to set up multiple meetings in advance, exchanging the group’s meeting IDs and passwords to keep the quiz running longer than that.

How can you hold a quiz online?

The best way to run a virtual quiz is by joining the call to form a team for each household. However, suppose you have individuals that are isolating themselves and want them to form a team. In that case, they can communicate elsewhere with a friend, and the team can collaborate through WhatsApp. Zoom also has the feature of a breakout room where teams can escape to explore potential solutions.

Make your rules easy

Writing a good quiz will take time to complete. One way to divide the load is to ask each team to come up with a set of five questions, meaning that everyone is sitting out one round. The quiz organizer should assign a category to each team. While you can do more than five questions per round, your quiz could take hours to complete if you have more than four teams participating. If you’d like to finish your quiz before midnight, your friend’s mute button. Apart from the person asking the questions, the host will mute anyone, with people able to unmute themselves to ask a question momentarily.

Set questions 

Setting good quiz questions isn’t an absolute science, but you can follow some basic rules to help you make your quiz as fun as possible. Second, you’re probably going to know the majority of people taking part in the quiz, so think about the subjects they’re interested in and try to ask questions that you think will challenge your mates without it being too hard to answer. Keep the questions brief and simple to understand. Make sure the answer to each question is definite – you don’t want to be responsible for a series! In case two teams end on the same number of points, the organizer should have a couple of tie-breaker questions in reserve.

Give a good fight to the cheaters

Hopefully, your family and friends will be an honorable bunch, and will not cheat during the virtual quiz or when it comes to counting the points. If foul play is anticipated, the organiser should ask for answers to be sent to him/her by e-mail. Tot them after every game, and add running scores to the drama.

Decide a theme

Ask your colleagues to dress up if you want to add to the fun, either cleverly or choose a fancy dress theme. You may also recommend food and drink choices so that everyone will feel like you are in the same place. Why not go all out and make a fancy backdrop for yourself? We sell party decorations like streamers, bunting curtains, and foil fringe curtains that always contribute to add to the atmosphere.


A large number of participants can randomize your questions and set a timer with instant results of your online quiz (for the developer and the participants), a better summary and all that without having to get a teacher. What keeps you back from not using quizzes online?


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