OMG, Are They Having Lechonk In Pokémon Scarlet & Violet?!



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A LeChonk sandwich in Pokemon Violet and Scarlet.

Screenshot: Activity Freak

At initially look, the news discovered in today’s Pokémon Scarlet and Violet trailer appeared just lovely: You can now have a picnic with your Pokémon! But then, it turned out, anything is erroneous there. Since unless the Pokémon earth has been hiding pigs from us, these people today are consuming the Lechonks…and it’s possible even their eggs.

There has been discussion above no matter whether a Pokémon is edible ever because there have been Pokémon. Provided that in the games’ universe there does not appear to be any other form of animal over and above the plainly self-aware pocket monsters, some observers have desperately experimented with to recommend some form of vegan idyll in which all exist on a plant-based eating plan. But that principle by no means really held up in a game showcasing this kind of meaty-looking curries, and it took one more significant blow in today’s ham-riddled trailer.

“And now it’s picnic time!” says the trailer, with a brightness that does not suggest the Pokédeath that is about to be discovered. After the distraction of giving a booger Pokémon a tub comes the moment when you notice just how sarcastic the narrator is currently being, with her fake-jovial tone.

“You can just explain to how a great deal exciting they’re getting!” she proclaims, as the selection of furious-confronted creatures stand inventory-however and stare lifeless-eyed at their coach.

Some Pokémon clearly not having any fun at a picnic.

Screenshot: Match Freak

Then our coach walks in excess of to the picnic desk, where by a picnic basket sits, ready to get ready their lunch. “Oh wow!” claims the cruel and disturbed lady, “Could this be a Pokémon egg?” Then she provides, like it’s no detail, “Apparently, eggs can sometimes be identified through picnics.”

Oh my goodness, there is so a lot to unpack in this article. Certainly, eggs can quite regularly be located through picnics. Typically deviled, or really hard-boiled, or most likely mushed up with mayo in an egg salad sandwich. But not, you know, fertilized.

Perhaps your working experience has been different, but if I went to get my sarnies out from the hamper, and observed a goose experienced deposited its chicks in there, I’d be considerably disturbed. Even additional so if it had been a Sableye or Nosepass. My response wouldn’t be, “Oh look, how pretty!” It would be, “Which a single of you dirty creatures just laid an egg on our lunch?!”

Then, the trailer doesn’t go into explaining how you could hatch that egg to increase a new ‘mon, no no no. It virtually smash-cuts to a picnic table with a sliced baguette, waiting around to be loaded with delicious fillings. Pokémon egg fillings? If 50 % a movie scientific studies degree tells me something, this Eisenstein design of montage editing couldn’t counsel everything else. But it’s about to get so much worse.

“And now, the instant you’ve been waiting around for! Sandwich time!”

The sandwich making scene shows ham being added. HAM.

Screenshot: Sport Freak

There it is. “Ham.” Unambiguously offered. Have you at any time viewed a pig in a Pokémon recreation? (As my vaudevillian grandmother utilized to sing.) Particularly. And did they not just recently announce a model new Paldean Pokémon referred to as Lechonk? Described by The Pokémon Corporation by itself as a “Hog Pokémon.”

Allow us not neglect, this is a Pokémon we greeted below on Kotaku with the headline, “Pokémon Scarlet And Violet’s Crying Lechonk Would Be Terrific On A Sandwich.” Have been they looking at? Did we lead to this?

Presented the absolute certainty with which we now feel that this video game is actively encouraging us to butcher our Pokémon and then feed them to every other, I really do not think there can be any question at all that the bread for these lunchtime snacks is baked Fidough.


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