OG Overwatch 2 players are finding their characters locked absent in annoying character pick bug

Overwatch 2 is out, and is getting a variety of serious problems in its early times. This features a enormous DDOS assault that has led to server queues up in the 40,000s, as effectively as a a obligatory cellphone verification method for gamers (although this has now been taken off for Overwatch 1 gamers). Even so, that does not necessarily mean that original Overwatch gamers are out of the mud fairly still, as some are acquiring their hero roster locked away.

This bug is possible a end result of the meant new-player working experience for all those who weren’t Overwatch 1 players, as this group will want to grind as a result of around 100 matches in get to unlock all of the initial roster.The terrible information is that it would seem like the sport is applying this restriction to gamers who are just about anything but new, forcing them to reboot the activity as the only present correct which throws them again into the queue.

This is the Overwatch 2 launch trailer, which you can enjoy when waiting in the queue I guess!

This includes Reddit person GumpaGumpa, who posted their difficulty onto the Overwatch 2 Reddit yesterday demonstrating their mostly locked roster. Beneath the first put up, many other gamers specific their annoyance with the bug, and some even proclaiming a solitary restart didn’t aid at all, leaving them nonetheless with no their full arsenal of figures quite a few several hours later on.

GumpaGumpa experienced been actively playing because 2018, and was to begin with hyped for the recreation when it was 1st declared. They and their friends all woke up and jumped in the queue on start day before this week, all ready around 4 hours before staying able to perform any game titles. Once they all built it via, the locking problem was immediately present.

“On the very first day, the to start with several online games I performed with good friends experienced it [characters] locked, but I reloaded the video game and I had every little thing back,” claims GumpaGumpa over Reddit DMs. “Then I went to mattress and the 2nd working day I experienced anything locked yet again, and that is when I manufactured the post and got reviews declaring I ought to reload the activity, which worked. But my good friend had his roster locked as nicely, and it took him about 5-6 reloads to get them all back.”

You wanna know why this sucks over and above the clear disappointment of the bug? Overwatch 2 is a game targeted all around staff composition and counter picks — this has often been the scenario. Of course you can just lock in Tracer but that won’t always be the very best choose, which is why you may have discovered hardcore gamers getting annoyed with onetricks in Overwatch.

If you have the majority of the roster locked absent, you clearly can’t perform close to with this counter-select side of the activity. For new gamers, this does not actually subject, but for Overwatch 1 gamers who had their game turned off and now have to brute power them selves by way of reboots and large queues to participate in the game as it ought to be performed. It sucks.

As of proper now, there is no fix aside from a reboot. Whilst I’m positive there is a deal with in the operates, this means that proper now Overwatch 2 is a enormous suffering to engage in for OG players. Here’s hoping it will get fixed shortly, usually folks could possibly get started wishing Overwatch 1 didn’t get deleted immediately after all…

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