Top 3 Secrets To Wearing Nude Dresses Without Looking Naked

…because Nude is the new Black!

Sometimes, all you want is to give your neon and flashy dresses a go-by and adorn subtlety. This is where nude dresses come in! 

Nude gowns & dresses are all the rage today. From runways and red carpets to wardrobes of ordinary fashionistas, they’re everywhere. Believe it or not, nude colored dresses are giving LBDs a run of money. After all, they are classy, exquisite, and can go from minimal look to sexy and playful. 

But if you are planning to wear *one* for a formal occasion like a prom or a business party, you’ve to be a little careful of the material, style, and the way you carry yourself. In this article, we will share how to jump on the nude dress trend without any skin show. 

Let’s talk!

nude dress

Most of you may be assuming women’s nude dresses as something see-through and sexy, and it’s no surprise. They (sure!) are available in a variety of pee-ka-boo items such as sheer lace dresses, transparent tops, cut-out dresses, and a lot more, but this isn’t a limit. 

If you are a bit more modest or have to attend a formal event where there is no room for skin show, you can still doll yourself in the aesthetic of nude hue. The key is to choose elegant styles with opaque material. Formal ball gowns, a-line, mermaid, and trumpet nude dresses made of quality satin, jacquard, suede, tulle, and anything that isn’t gossamer-thin are perfect examples of what we are talking about.

  • Layering Is A Smart Idea!

Maybe you already have a nude outfit in your wardrobe that’s gauzy, or maybe the current nude prom dress you’ve ordered came a bit more flimsy than you expected – how will you sort it out? Well, as you know, there is always a solution to whatever you face! In this case, the trick is to master the art of layering.

Choose a slip or camisole to wear underneath your sheer nude color dress, or pair it with a voguish jacket, cape, or shrug above. Not only will this bring down the transparency of the dress, but this also adds a hint of extravagance to your formal look.

sheer nude color dress

  • Make Sure Your Dress Is Not Too Tight

When it comes to nude dresses, make sure they’re not too tight or body-hugging unless the fabric is opaque and thick. Otherwise, they look like another layer of skin, which is unflattering. 

Remember, the sheer nude dresses for women should at least drape and float away from the body for an ideally sophisticated look. Flared silhouettes, ruffle, and applique details are a great way to deck out in nude shade without looking clingy. Of course, you can play with sleeves and necklines to create a personalized fashion statement.

sheer nude dresses for women

There you go! Now you have all the tips on how to dress up in nude dresses without actually looking naked. So, if you think you are ready to be part of this hot trend, wait no more and get your hands on exclusive nude prom dresses by a top designer like Jovani, Sherri Hill, Alyce Paris, or others. 

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