Nilou in Genshin Impact Will Have Stance-Based mostly Talent



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HoYoVerse has released some details on Nilou, who will debut as a playable device in Genshin Effects Edition 3.1 Section II. She will be a 5-star Hydro Sword consumer, and is a familiar confront for all those who played the Sumeru Archon Quest. She can function as both of those a most important DPS or a sub DPS, and will reward the most from obtaining a Dendro character in your get together. This is mainly because her Golden Chalice’s Bounty Expertise is effectively a buff for the Bloom response.

Nilou will only have a few Typical Attacks in her combo chain. Her Elemental Ability is Dance of Haftkarsvar, which is a stance process comparable to Tartaglia’s. Nilou will enter the Pirouette point out, and all of her assaults will convert to Hydro DMG (scales with HP). If you use her Usual Attack in this state, she enters the Sword Dance stance if you use her Elemental Skill, she enters the Whirling Steps stance. Finishing the 3rd action will end her Pirouette point out and deal an influence relying on what stance she is in.

When Nilou completes her 3rd dance action in Sword Dance mode, she will trigger Hydro DMG (Luminous Illusion) and attain the Lunar Prayer result. Under Lunar Prayer, Nilou’s Usual Assaults will develop into Sword Dance tactics and she will result in a Luminous Illusion with the final strike. When she finishes Pirouette point out in the Whirling Methods stance, she will offer AoE Hydro DMG with Whirling H2o Wheel. It will also create a Tranquility Aura that will apply Moist to enemies inside of the AoE. It will continue being on the industry even if you swap out Nilou, and it will abide by you about.

Last but not least, Nilou’s Elemental Burst is Dance of Abzendegi: Distant Goals, Listening Spring. Not like her Ability, it is pretty quick to understand. It merely will cause AoE Hydro DMG and apply the Lingering Aeon influence onto enemies. Right after some time, opponents with Lingering Aeon will acquire Hydro DMG.

Hisako Kanemoto supplies the Japanese voice for Nilou. Kanemoto has beforehand voiced Helena Blavatsky and Tomoe Gozen in Fate/Grand Order, as effectively as Sailor Mercury in Rather Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal. In English, Dani Chambers voices Nilou. Chambers’ other roles contain Becky from Spy x Spouse and children and Aharen from Aharen-san wa Hakarenai.

Nilou will seem in Genshin Affect from Oct 14, 2022 along with Albedo. Genshin Impact is accessible on the PS4, PS5, Windows Pc, and cell units.

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