NBA 2K23’s In-Match Durags Price Extra Than Actual Types, Somehow



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Steven Adams hold up his hands in disbelief at a ref's call.

Even brotha Steven Adams is appalled.
Screenshot: 2K / Kotaku

If you have performed any of the NBA 2K online games, probabilities are you are no stranger to how the microtransactions provide as swift scuffing on the refreshing J’s of your pleasure of the sport. Although a lot of want microtransactions would peace out—much like the Golden Condition Warriors’ Jordan Poole did after struggling the total drive of Draymond Green’s superman punch—they’re continue to in complete power in NBA 2K23, a sport that does not have a grasp on how significantly durags essentially price in serious existence.

The latest edition’s durag crime in opposition to humanity was 1st spotted by Redditor JimiForReal, who posted pictures on r/NBA2k evaluating NBA 2K23’s cost for a digital durag from that of an Amazon listing for a true a single. Right before you peek, let us have some enjoyment. How considerably virtual currency do you assume NBA 2K23 is inquiring you to fork about for a durag? I’ll give you a hint, it rhymes with “15,000 VC.” Oh darn, I just gave away the remedy. Womp womp.

Kotaku achieved out to 2K for comment.

If you were to appear up how much a durag would price tag at Sally Elegance, you’d explore that they start at all-around $2.79, relying on no matter whether or not you want your luscious locs to be “wave enforced” if you do, that’ll cost $6.59. Until that durag is secretly a magnificent Akatsuki cloud durag, which costs $8.99 on Amazon, NBA 2K23 players are paying too substantially.

If you purchased the subsequent-gen NBA 2K23 Legendary Version for $99, you likely won’t be ass-out at the activity inquiring you 15,000 for a fake durag, since your version of the activity came with 100,000 VC points. However, if you bought any other variation, you’ll either have to grind for VC or fork out for it using IRL forex which, in accordance to Dot Esports, prices:

  • 5,000 VC – $1.99
  • 15,000 VC – $4.99
  • 35,000 VC – $9.99
  • 75,000 VC – $19.99
  • 200,000 VC – $49.99
  • 450,000 VC – $99.99

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Whilst you could argue that the somewhat large price tag of a durag in NBA 2K23 is not too outlandish thinking of that most NBA gamers are millionaires, durags are not the only matters players are lambasting the match for rate-gouging. Redditor GoatJamez uploaded a screenshot showing that Finders Keepers, the game’s thrift-retail outlet option for deficiency of a much better phrase, is also working folks’ wallets for 7,500 VC in trade a standard shirt that claims “You Heard It Here First”.

“7,500 for that is outrageous. 2K is laughing in our faces at this stage,” a person Redditor replied.

 NBA 2K23 introduced for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Swap, and Computer system. As our senior author, Luke Plunkett, notes in his yearly NBA 2K reviews, something that could be viewed as fulfilling about the game, exclusively its MyCareer Manner, nonetheless boils down to the games sucking since of 2K’s microtransactions, therefore turning his playthroughs into “sufferthroughs.”

“If 2k were being no cost to enjoy for their on line manner and all the shit you had to spend vc for was strictly cosmetic (a design identical to Fortnite for example) then I’d be entirely good with it,” wrote a further redditor in r/NBA2k23. “But not only do they make the participant progression IMPOSSIBLY sluggish without having getting VC, they’re charging $70+ for this activity each year.”

For a lot of players, the only solution to this problem is using it on the chin and grinding by the recreation in buy to unlock a damn durag, a garment whose sole raison d’etre is to preserve the composure of folks’ hair while they are sleeping or otherwise not seeking to be way too gussied up even though they’re likely about their business enterprise. It’s tough not to sympathize with the gamers, who have to offer with 2K’s in-sport greed on prime of the game’s famously sluggish progression premiums and its up-front asking price tag of $70. Goodness gracious.

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