NBA 2K23 MyEras: Who Has Cooked You?



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When we very first heard about the MyNBA Eras that 2K would be introducing in NBA 2K23, it was some of the most exciting franchise manner information we experienced read about in a very long time. Now that we’ve been in a position to enjoy the method the very last few weeks, it’s fair to say there’s the predicted bugs and other technological concerns that are hurting it a little bit. Nonetheless, a person of my favourite items about it is that we’re acquiring to see all these players from other eras getting skilled by much more individuals.

Even however most of the legends were in the match prior to, you did not have a central way to interact with them above a prolonged period of time. In the previous, viewing them in sites like MyTeam was interesting to an extent, but the gamers were being typically managed by other people or you have been not really seeing how fellas like Kareem, McHale, Isiah Thomas, and so on operated on a night time-to-night time basis.

I did not feel about it substantially prior to start, but outside of the specialized stuff, what could have sucked the existence out of the method would have been if the players did not perform like themselves. The Jordan Problem coming back set additional pressure on the AI to showcase these gamers in an authentic way, and 2K has stepped up to produce some awesome stuff below.

NBA 2K23 MyEras: Who Has Cooked You?

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This provides me to the thread I want to highlight, and it was a basic concern asked by Chairman7w on the community forums. Chairman7w asked, who has cooked you? Answering the problem 1st, Chairman7W pointed out three players who owned them:

There have been three game titles in which I bought definitely Destroyed by the CPU using a specific player:

PATRICK EWING in the initial Jordan Obstacle
There is certainly Nothing at all I could do to sluggish him down – just a genuine pressure of character. I don’t recall his final quantities but it was nicely above 30.

TRACY MCGRADY in MyEra 2002 Kings Franchise
Enjoying in opposition to the Magic, I seemed like a 4th grader chasing him all above the dang court docket as he went for 34 (6 min quarters). It did not subject how close my defender was or nearly anything. Twos, threes — it didn’t make any difference. Just unstoppable.

GILBERT ARENAS in MyEra 2002 Kings Franchise
I took the L major time in this video game. At the time yet again, I viewed helpless as The Hibachi proceeded to fall 7-9 from 3-pt array, and shot a disgusting 70% from the field, torched me for 38. In the meantime, Antawn Jamison dropped 19 on me to boot. Even Bobby Sura acquired some on me. I slunked out of town like a whipped doggy.

Our up coming ownage will come from ggsimmonds:

Shaq acquired me for 48 on 20 of 26 capturing.

You keep in mind that 12 months the Cowboys for regardless of what explanation resolved to play Megatron straight up and he torched them for 200 yards? It was like that.

My naive self went into this game thinking I was so chilly on 2k and did not even require to bother heading into coaching changes due to the fact no major man has ever dominated against me. Shaq was there like “only lead to you have not went up from me in 2k23 yet”

Totally humbled me

What is also enjoyment about this is it doesn’t just have to be legends schooling you. 2K used a ton of time (and generally has) introducing far more signature animations, redoing signature photographs, and working on approaches to make stars stand out. The 24th Letter exhibits off AI Jokic ruining the Celtics listed here:

In typical, bigs could possibly be benefiting the most this 12 months from all the like 2K has provided to some of these gamers. Jokic can now do things like the over whether he’s in the AI’s control or becoming made use of by an OS consumer like we have below down below: at?v=JLkS4M9DbOI

Other bigs that have been ruining OS consumers include Kevin McHale. VDusen04 showcases the clip below and says merely:

Kevin McHale had me leaping about like a overall dork.

R9Nald9 backs up VDusen04 by expressing McHale is crushing goals:

Jordan Obstacle. United states of america vs NBA Stars.

McHale is just destroying me. Have replayed the obstacle numerous times and simply cannot sniff a one digits loss let by itself feel of profitable. The thought of successful by 15 has disappeared. McHale is totally torching me inside each individual single time.

Sticking with the Celtics right here, it seems a whole lot of people have experienced to offer with them in the Jordan Obstacle and so OS users are sharing their nightmares: at?v=PLYnMAus_qI

OS consumer rupe sums up their time versus the Celtics by declaring:

Chicken pump faked me so quite a few times I pulled my controller’s groin.

OS user celticboy25 spreads the love all around by calling out a bunch of players and conversing about their like of MyEras in general:

Participating in MyEra as the ’80s Pistons, I got torched in consecutive sequence by Jeff Ruland (Was) then Parish (Bos) then Malone (Phi). I’m situation locked on C. Many thanks to Thomas, we highly developed to The Finals right after a 7-match series. Now compared to the Lakers in the Finals, Kareem is entirely unstoppable. About to be swept…

Thomas went out with a knee sprain in Match 1 and it is been a few straight 30-pt blowout wins for the Lakers. Laimbeer is just not very good more than enough to end these elite major adult males (or perhaps I just do not have the adhere techniques). Would like like hell I could trade up to draft Hakeem. Irrespective, it’s been a blast. MyEra is the ideal detail that is ever happened to a sporting activities online video match. Desire other titles would adopt this sort of mode.

And it’s a great issue. Basketball has an “unfair” edge in phrases of currently being capable to showcase signature design and style in more strategies than any other activity, but The Show, Madden, and so on obtaining this kind of thing would be incredible — assuming they consider to place in the similar form of enjoy to make those people eras occur alive.

At the exact time, possibly we will need to hope those people franchise modes and signature kinds stage up ample initially and foremost just before introducing all these bells and whistles. Again, it’s not just that 2K produced the MyEras amazing, it is that they have been equipped to do this initially and foremost with the existing NBA to make men like Ja Morant engage in like Ja Morant:

When Madden, or NHL, or The Display can showcase that form of splendor by the AI, then they can amount up to showing off the equivalent of their George Gervin finger roll from their respective eras: at?v=ieR71VVZXq4

So, who has cooked you? Really do not be ashamed to share.

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