Movie’s Jackets: The Most Iconic Leather Jackets

There is no denying to the fact that we all take inspiration from the different movies that we watch. Their killer dressing sense and their top-notch jewelry and makeup make us want to copy them and look like them. However, the saddest part of this part is, we as a normal human being often struggle to buy them because of our financial constraints. But if you are looking for somewhat similar leather jackets for men, there is no place better and more affordable than the Real Leather Garments. Nobody does fashion at more affordable rates than them, so if you have some budget constraints but want to look as chic as these actors in the movies, you know where to go.

We all can agree to the fact that sometimes the leather jackets multiply the character’s ruggedness just like you see the leather apparel of Indiana Jones. Somedays it is a debonair which is operational yet keeps the overall character look dapper and slick while saving the whole world. We all are living this charismatic life, we want it but our limited budget does not allow us to add this wow factor in our wardrobe or our overall look. However, you must remember one thing only, the clothes do not really make the make, but it is merely the extension of their overall swag.

1. The Breakfast Club Jacket

Calling all our 80s dudes, I am sure they must know this movie and are crazy fans of it as well. The actor John Bender gave us some deep insights of how the criminals of the 80s were in their high schools. It is a movie that people do not really easily forget. If you know someone from the 80s, trust me they would tell you all about this movie. The killer actor did not don any leather jacket in this movie, despite it being the only common jacket for the rebels. The actor in the movie wore a denim trucker jacket, and there is no lie to it, it looked extremely great on him and did justice to the character he played. 

2. Taxi Driver Jacket

No, we are not talking about your regular taxi driver’s jacket down the street, we are discussing the famous movie Taxi driver and the jacket that he wore in the movie. Robert DeNiro a heart throb of his time, donned this killer jacket and seated a few fashion trends which are known as Bickle along with his mohawk and the square aviators that just make his overall look complete. 

Apart from these aviators and his other attire, the zippered collar jacket also stores the four front pockets that adjusts the waist drawcords splendidly without compromising over its quality. 

3. Raider of the Lost Ark

When we talk about jackets in the movies, there is no way we can forget about Indiana Jones jackets in the Raiders. Harrison Ford is one artist that can look dapper in his leather jacket however, one can never forget his crazy attire in the brown leather jacket where he played the rugged adventure along with the adventure savvy Indiana Jones. Wearing the Fedora Hat, along with the classic jeans, the combination of classic jeans and a leather jacket is to die for.

4. Rebel Without a Cause

Okay here we are calling all the oldies and the fans of some crazy old movies, Rebel Without a Cause was introduced in 1937, it was designed to be an operation rain proof jacket for every modern person you knew around. The movie was one hit movie of that time loved by millions around. Fast forward coming to the year 1955, James Dean immortalized the jacket which was widely loved by the audience.

It was one classic jacket that many coolest men loved and worn in their time and they are still liked by people all over the world. This style icon is pretty operational as soon as they come, it has water resistant material, including some breathable lining. The jacket is the perfect outerwear for most of the men out there and the staple piece that you can invest on.

5. Back to the Future

Back to the Future is the movie loved by people from all over the world. The trend of wearing jackets was set from this movie as people before were not aware of this trend and took leather jackets as something that is to be worn in the special occasions only. However, times have changed now people today are wearing all kinds of stuff in every kind of function. When we talk about Back to the Future, we do not see leather jackets much but we see some original denim jacket. There are two kinds of jackets widely worn and used all over the world, the one is leather jacket and the other one is denim.

Leather and denim jackets are to die for, however when we compare the both, one can see leather jackets will always have an edge over the denims.

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