Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord – What Occurs If You Die?



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The death mechanic in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord is a single of the most entertaining functions additional to the sequel.

It lets the player, after numerous several years of adventuring, pillaging, and conquering, to last but not least rest in peace and depart their troubles off to their heir.

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The excellent thing about this mechanic is that you can opt for if you want it or not by enabling or disabling loss of life.

Having said that, if you do enable it and find you at death’s door – what takes place when your initial beginning character dies in Bannerlord?

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Player Character Loss of life in Bannerlord

In a pretty distinctive way from the original Mount and Blade, Bannerlord has not only added little ones, but the devs have also implemented loss of life for all characters in the match.

This full course of action could possibly remind players of Crusader Kings’ family members mechanics: Get married, have children, die, and take in excess of as an heir.

This entire procedure is comparable in Bannerlord. Nonetheless, there is no way for the participant to die in battle, as opposed to fellow lords and girls in Calradia.

The only way you can die in Bannerlord is to ailment and old age. Both of these will most probably come about when your character is about the age of 60 and will be the induce that will conclusion their life.

You will to start with get a warning that will explain to you to get your affairs in buy, and, in the close to upcoming, your character will lastly die.

When this happens, players will be offered with their selections of heirs. These involve:

  • Your Wife
  • Your Siblings
  • Your Youngsters
  • Your Prolonged Family (Nephews, Cousins)

As long as your character has any type of family that is component of the clan, you will usually have a option of an heir when you die.

If no qualified family member exists when you die, a message that says “You are not a portion of this anymore” will show up, and you can only view the earth as it goes on without you.

If you achieve this stage, you will possibly have to load an older preserve file or commence anew with a fresh and youthful character.

What Transpires To Your Things and Kingdom When You Die In Bannerlord?

When you go, there are several points that can be misplaced in the procedure. The good news is, most stats are clan-primarily based, so they won’t be touched.

Impact, revenue, and renown will all stay the identical when you die in Bannerlord. Your heir will also obtain all your products in their stock.

All your settlements will continue to be with you considering the fact that they are truly controlled by your clan relatively than your player character. Due to the fact your heir is the new clan chief, they are the new proprietors of all your settlements.

Nonetheless, if you were the king of a faction when you died, you could possibly have a opportunity of losing the leadership of the kingdom. All kingdoms in Bannerlord are elective, which usually means that new kings get voted.

When you die, there will be a vote to pick who the new ruler of the kingdom will be. Your heir can either succeed you or eliminate the throne.

If they are youthful, this shouldn’t be a difficulty considering the fact that they have a probability to get it back in the future. Or you can always knock the new king unconscious during a fight and hope they die.

That is almost everything you will need to know about what happens if you die in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord!

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