Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord – Total Companions Manual: How to Get, Most effective Ones, Etcetera.



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There are several highly effective NPCs in the entire world of Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, and they can occasionally be as important as hundreds of troops.

Companions can increase your Bannerlord practical experience a thousandfold and will support you a large amount by foremost their very own armies, governing and bettering settlements, or even finding you alliances.

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Quests are a further section of the video game that is now intensely affected by companions due to the fact you can mail them on their very own to resolve missions and conflicts on the map.

To improved understand how companions work in Bannerlord, how to stage them up a lot quicker, or it’s possible in which to locate the best kinds, read this considerable guidebook where by you will come across what you need.

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What are Companions?

Companions in Bannerlord are distinctive NPCs that can be part of your bash and choose on distinct important roles in your clan and military.

There are two unique kinds of companions in Bannerlord:

Wanderers are the basic Mount and Blade: Warband companions that can be recruited from diverse settlements in Calradia.

They have random stats and personalities and have to be recruited making use of revenue. At the beginning of a playthrough, their regular value should really be all over 500 gold.

The wonderful point about wanderers is that you can see their skills, temperament, and locations in the Encyclopedia, likely to the “Heroes” tab and checking the “Wanderer” possibility on the left.

Relatives companions are totally free, no-wage companions that you can get by way of relationship or beginning. They can be an outstanding addition to your warband but can get a whilst to develop up.

If you are enjoying in Sandbox manner, you will have no brothers or sisters, which signifies the only spouse and children companion you could get is a spouse through marriage.

When beginning in Story Mode, you will get just one adult brother and two youngster-siblings, which can help you a great deal in the early recreation.

How Quite a few Companions Can You Have in Bannerlord?

When it will come to relatives companions, you can have as a lot of as you want in your celebration and clan as very well.

Nevertheless, wanderer companions, aka “normal” companions, have an upper restrict which is resolved by your clan tier:

  • Clan Tier -> 3 Companions
  • Clan Tier 1 -> 4 Companions
  • Clan Tier 2 -> 5 Companions
  • Clan Tier 3 -> 6 Companions
  • Clan Tier 4 -> 7 Companions
  • Clan Tier 5 -> 8 Companions
  • Clan Tier 6 -> 9 Companions

There are only two other aspects that could maximize your Companion Restrict:

  • Allure 250 Perk – Camaraderie (+1 Companion)
  • Leadership 250 Perk – We Pledge our Swords (+1 Companion)

So, to remedy the issue, you can have as quite a few companions as you want in Bannerlord if you enjoy a good deal.

The place to Find Companions

You can promptly discover Bannerlord companions by likely into a town, urgent the N vital to open up the Encyclopedia, going into the Heroes tab, and checking the Wanderer option.

All the attainable wanderer companions in the recreation will now look ahead of you, and you can just click on them to see exactly the place they are situated.

You can see in the leading right corner that the companion was “Last observed at “Location” today”. Head to that locale, enter the tavern, and you will see the companion in the upper tab with related NPCs.

How to Educate and Degree Up Companions in Bannerlord

There are lots of skills your companions can educate and stage up in Bannerlord. This is why we will go into the specific techniques you can maximize every talent by by itself:

Melee Expertise (One particular-Handed, Two-handed, Polearm) + Athletics

To train their melee skill when also getting them points in Athletics, gamers need to raid Desert Bandit Hideouts.

These are the only hideouts in the match exactly where there will not be any ranged enemies. The participant requirements to deliver a shield and just defend their companion although the companion kills all the bandits.

When you access the boss struggle at the conclude, just choose to retreat. This will reset the hideout and give you a possibility to struggle them all over again and all over again.

Melee Expertise + Driving

This one is likely to be a bit a lot more tough. You will need to have to come across Forest Bandits due to the fact they can only shoot arrows at you and carry a several shield infantry to the struggle.

Line up the infantry shut (but not plenty of to induce their melee response) and enable the archers shoot at them. Though this occurs, send out your companion to cost the archers and get some kills.

Ranged Techniques (Bow, Crossbow, Throwing) + Athletics/Riding

Use the exact same technique as for Melee + Using, but get your companion to conceal suitable beside the infantry line and shoot at the enemies.

Constantly manage the place your companion is standing so you don’t get stunned if they die when you are not searching.


If you presently know how to level smithing quick in Bannerlord, then this phase is going to be a breeze.

You use the similar tactic we reviewed just before, but you have to decide on your companion to do the true smithing.

Just open up the smithy menu and simply click on your character portrait in the bottom ideal corner. You will now see other selections of companions that can be picked to start out smithing.


The scouting ability in Bannerlord can be skilled to the subsequent levels by:

  • Sending your companion on a caravan.
  • Creating them a celebration leader.
  • Creating them your occasion scout.

All of these approaches will swiftly and quickly get your companion to turn out to be an adept scout.


The methods skill is probably one of the most significant types for your companions considering that all of their personal battles as celebration leaders will be vehicle-solved.

Having said that, there is practically no way to up grade this ability moreover producing them a party leader and permitting them combat.


To amount up their roguery, you need to have to make an army with your companion-led get together and assault caravans and touring villagers.

Make absolutely sure they have a ton of bandit troops in their get together to get even extra roguery practical experience.


Go into any town (not castle!) and click on the “+” button in the upper correct corner that suggests “Leave Member(s)”.

By undertaking this, you can select your companion to get the job done as an ambassador in the city and randomly befriend other NPCs. This will enhance their charm in time, so depart them be till you are contented with their degree.


Leadership increases pretty bit by bit for companions. Just one way to practice this skill would be to allow the companion be a get together chief and then steal their troops. If they frequently recruit troops, their management will gradually maximize.

You can also get their celebration in an army with yours and give them your prisoners. Really do not pay a visit to any cities or castles for a when and permit them recruit all those prisoners. Their leadership will massively increase, but you will not be in a position to do nearly anything else while accomplishing this.


Commence a caravan with your companion in cost.


The ideal way to educate your companion in stewardship is to established them as the quartermaster of the party. Now, all you need to do is get a large amount of different foodstuff and wait.


Thankfully for you, medication can be amplified in quite a few fast approaches, and what we described listed here is also likely to support you with your companions.


There are two strategies for your Bannerlord companion to get concentrations in engineering:

  • Established them as the get together engineer and siege a settlement with only ballistae.
  • Protect a settlement in a siege fight and make your companion use a siege motor towards the attackers.

How to Equip Companions

All you need to have to do to transform the products of your companions in Bannerlord is to open the Inventory menu and appear up at your character’s title.

Subsequent to the identify, there will be two arrows, just one pointing to the proper and just one pointing to the left. Click on both just one of them, and you will see your companion’s tools.

You can now alter the armor, weapons, and horses of your companions the exact same way you would modify them for your very own character.

Ideal Companions for Each individual Clan and Occasion Position in Bannerlord

There isn’t these a factor as a “perfect” or “best” companion in Bannerlord. Nonetheless, there are some that in shape precise roles (Engineer, Medic, and so forth.) better than other individuals.

Wanderer companions can be differentiated by their nickname (The Smith, Coalbiter, and so on.), which will usually show their commencing techniques.

Listed here are the finest Bannerlord companions for each role in your social gathering and clan:

The explanation you may well see the Figuring out, Surgeon, Healer, and Bitterdraught dominate most roles is many thanks to their high Intelligence.

Most positions have to have substantial Intelligence. Specifically the Party Leader, due to the fact it has to fulfill the job of the Scout, Engineer, Quartermaster, and Surgeon at the similar time.

The Governor will usually just have to be a actually great Quartermaster to convey prosperity and improve the loyalty of the city they are running.

The Caravan Leader needs to be a good trader with some scouting techniques, to move quicker throughout the map.

That’s every little thing you will need to know about companions in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord!

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