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What can be far better than remaining a king in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord? Possessing vassals to serve and conquer for you.

Producing a kingdom was tricky more than enough presently, but preventing all the factions by on your own will be a million occasions even worse.

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The good thing is, you can recruit limitless quantities of clans, nobles, and wanderers alike, to help you conquer all of Calradia in one particular fell swoop.

There are two easy techniques to get vassals in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, and we will current equally to you suitable now!

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Finding Vassals in Bannerlord

There are 2 types of heroes you can switch into vassals in Bannerlord:

Nobles are harder to offer with but are now established and can make a distinction instantaneously when you get them.

Wanderers require a little bit of work ahead of they are prepared to deal with the entire world. Nevertheless, you can mold them in the course you want while they are your companions.

Recruiting Noble Vassals

There is no way to separately recruit noble figures besides relationship, but they won’t join in as a vassal clan. They will just join yours.

When you go about recruiting nobles into your kingdom, you will always have to speak to a clan leader and influence them to be part of you along with all their clan customers.

This can get a bit challenging and costly, specially in the early game, which is why you shouldn’t start out a kingdom if you haven’t created a great deal of money first.

Below are the main variables that will make your mind up if a clan chief would be fascinated in joining your faction:

  • The range of fiefs they very own. (A lot more = Lower likelihood, = Higher likelihood)
  • Ability of their existing faction. (More powerful than your faction = Reduced probability, Weaker than your faction = Larger possibility)
  • Connection with their faction ruler. (Good relations with the ruler = Reduce chance, Poor relations with the ruler = Better chance)
  • Connection with you.

The chance for a noble clan leader to be part of your faction is essentially just a sign of how significantly the cost for their loyalty will be.

If you locate a clan leader with no fiefs that is section of a weak kingdom with awful relations with their ruler and terrific relations with you, you will almost certainly recruit this clan for no cost.

Nonetheless, if you check out to recruit a extremely potent lord, they could say a thing alongside the traces of “I am happy with my existing liege”.

You will not see this mainly because they wouldn’t be a part of you. You will see it since there is not plenty of dollars in your treasury that could persuade them to join you.

Some of the superior-tier clans with a fief or two can cost a thing all-around 1 million or additional. If you want affordable noble vassals, make sure to seem for the kinds with no any fiefs very first.

Now that you know all that, let’s see precisely how to recruit clan chief vassals in Bannerlord:

  1. Locate a ideal clan by applying the Encyclopedia (press N on the planet map).
  2. Conserve the activity.
  3. Strategy the clan’s chief and notify them that “There is something I’d like to discuss”.
  4. Decide on the “What do you feel of your liege?” possibility.
  5. If you have enough revenue, a appeal mini-sport will now get started exactly where you have to decide on the possibilities that have the greatest possibility of performing. Load the previously conserve file if you fail the recruitment checks.
  6. Give them possibly cash or goods really worth the identical quantity to convince them to sign up for you as a vassal.

Depending on their prosperity level, they will inquire for various quantities of funds. Here is how considerably a clan chief with no fiefs can request for primarily based on their prosperity:

  • Extremely Very poor = to 15k
  • Lousy = 15k to 50k
  • Ordinary = 50k to 125k
  • Rich & Really Abundant = +125k (can get to millions)

Since of these significant expenses and energy, you can have an understanding of why a lot of gamers like to endorse wanderers/companions to develop into vassals.

Flip Wanderers into Vassals

If you are a ruler of a faction, you can make clans from zero, using your companions as the recently appointed clan leaders.

In this article is what you need to have to flip a wanderer companion into a vassal in Bannerlord:

To make your companion into a vassal lord, you just have to have to converse to them as a result of the Bash monitor and pick the “I want to reward you for your services” selection.

Go by all the dialog possibilities and make the wanderer into a vassal. You will also get to opt for the identify of the newly formed clan.

The new clan will begin at Tier 2 and will spawn a different 2 nobles to join your companion. This new clan will now start to behave like any clan in Bannerlord.

This is by much the improved way of getting vassals in the recreation. However, the time it takes to make a companion superior can be a bit of a chore.

There can also be an additional problem that can arrive from a newly-shaped wanderer clan, and that is that the vassal and his new relatives may by no means get married.

You can deal with this by probably marrying your very own daughters to the vassals, due to the fact, normally, the clan may just die off at some position with no heirs.

What can make recruited nobles superior is also their larger tier because that quantity will represent how numerous troops the clan associates will have.

Nevertheless, large-tier noble clans are usually somewhat abundant, which also improves their possibility of deserting and betraying you (Certainly, that can transpire).

So, if you require to get swift vassals, go pay a handful of nobles. But, if you want vassals you can trust, prepare some wanderers and get them to rule their own clan.

If you want to get a diverse route and turn out to be a vassal you, look at out our guideline on how to come to be a vassal in Bannerlord!

That is every little thing you need to have to know about how to get noble and wanderer vassals in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord!

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