Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord – How to Couch Lance

If you are an avid Mount and Blade fan and have performed Warband, and all of its expansions, then you are possibly accustomed to the highly effective mechanic identified as Sofa Lance.

Again in the old times, this strategy was the terror of multiplayer and cavalry-primarily based battles. We are very pleased to announce that Couch Lance continues to dominate the lands of Calradia, even in Bannerlord.

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The system, having said that, is not computerized anymore and essentially involves a bit of talent and timing to use this time all over.

So, due to the fact you are already exhausted of weak, brief spears, in this article is how to Sofa Lance in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord and defeat all your enemies in a person shot.

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Sofa Lance Needs

There are lots of styles of spears in the game. Nevertheless, there are some that have a special attribute that makes it possible for them to use the most overpowered mechanic in Bannerlord.

The polearm weapons that can use this mechanic have a tag that sets them apart, which you can see in the inventory, named “Couch Lance” (you can also see it in the photo over).

If a spear or lance has this attribute, then it is a practical weapon to use the Sofa Lance mechanic.

If a polearm, even if it is the longest you’ve viewed in the recreation, does not have this distinct attribute in the inventory screen, then it just can’t be employed for Couch Lance.

So, get a polearm with that attribute and equip it. It’s time to understand how to use it.

How to Couch Lance in Bannerlord

Listed here is how you can sofa your lance all through a fight in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord:

  1. Cost with your horse (you will need a fast horse. If not, it will not function).
  2. When you have reached a decent velocity, press “X” on your keyboard.
  3. Aim the head of the lance toward enemies (you can push “R” to enter the initially-man or woman digicam and goal correctly).

And that really should be it. Of system, if you have a truly terrible starting up horse, then you won’t be equipped to Sofa Lance. On the other hand, even heavy horses with armor should be able to reach the preferred speed.

The only trouble some folks appear to be to have with this mechanic in Bannerlord is that you can miss out on extremely simply if you really do not goal properly.

This is why we prompt making use of the first-man or woman camera if you are struggling to strike any targets on the battlefield.

You can determine out the mechanic worked if you see the character putting the lance below their armpit. The lance moves around rather a lot, so be careful given that if you lose pace, you will get out of the animation.

Players can see if they made use of their couched lance if they see in the terminal to the suitable “Delivered couched lance damage”.

Most of the time, if your polearm is decent enough, you ought to get just one-shot kills applying the Couch Lance. If not, get on your own some greater equipment through smithing.

Since it is these types of a effective strategy for horse riders, Couch Lance should pretty much feels like a cheat.

That’s almost everything you will need to know about how to Sofa Lance in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord!

Have any input or recommendations for this guideline? Enable us know in the comment area down below.

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