Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord – Greatest Infantry Models: All Ranked



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The infantry is considered just one of the finest device types in Bannerlord, particularly by the fans that love rotating shield walls.

Nonetheless, you can go through a complete playthrough and in no way know which infantry models in Bannerlord are the very best.

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There are the javelin-throwing Imperial Legionaries, the relentless Mameluke Palace Guards, and the potent polearm end users, the Flaxmen.

Each tradition and faction features some remarkable troops, so in this article are the best, highest-tier Bannerlord infantry units, from ideal to worst, thoroughly graded in our tier record.

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Bannerlord Infantry Units Tier Record

If you previously know what the greatest factions in Bannerlord are, you most likely now have an concept of which troops will be the finest.

These are the finest infantry troops in Bannerlord, from very best to worst:

S Tier

Imperial Legionary

It is a regarded simple fact among the the local community that the Imperial Legionary dominates the infantry scene. There is no device in Bannerlord that can even arrive close.

They can do almost everything: end cavalry rates, split by means of each infantry-type defend wall, and can conveniently get by way of archers when conquering settlements.

The Empire offers some of the greatest general troops in the activity, and it quickly receives the selection 1 area when it comes to infantry.

A Tier

Battanian Veteran Falxman

When it will come to shut melee, just one on just one battles, the Battanian Veteran Falxman is the king of kings. No troop can acquire a melee against this infantry troop.

They are also some of the best when it comes to stopping cavalry rates. Their polearms are powerful enough to destroy some of the most daring knights.

Most Battanian infantry troops in the game are rather disappointing. On the other hand, when you take into account how potent the Falxman is on the frontlines, all other troubles can quickly be neglected.

Imperial Elite Menavliaton

The Empire tends to make confident to get another large location on the tier with a further one particular of its troops, the Elite Menavliaton.

Their menavliaton is very powerful against cavalry, and their beat capabilities towards other infantry troops are nothing to scoff at.

Vlandian Voulgier

The Vlandians have wonderful cavalry troops and an elite infantry unit that most would really like to get in their ranks.

It is pretty equivalent to the Imperial Elite Menavliaton, as it can destroy cavalry costs and can maintain up with some of the ideal infantry troops out there.

It also arrives stacked with 3 various weapons: a one-handed sword, a two-handed sword, and a voulge. It will almost normally use the voulge, and that is alright given that it is an outstanding weapon.

Aserai Mameluke Palace Guard

The Aserai Mameluke Palace Guards could only be described as tanks. They wield big two-handed axes and can get by shields like they don’t exist.

A disadvantage for their wonderful Executioner Axes is the point that the armaments are truly large, and the animation can take a whilst, leaving them susceptible.

They also don some amazing armor and are the greatest shock infantry units in Bannerlord, only being intently tied in skill with the up coming troopers:

Sturgian Heroic Line Breaker

These are the Sturgian equivalent of the Mameluke Palace Guards. If you like one, you will like the other as properly.

Although both of those of these units are incredible, they have one particular great downside that does not permit them get into the S tier: they can very easily crack aside towards other two-handed troops.

If you applied a squad of Line Breakers towards one of Palace Guards or vice versa, the winner would be the battalion with additional troops, with large casualties.

B Tier

Khuzait Darkhan

The Khuzait have ultimately produced an physical appearance in this tier list, and their only entry is respectable. The Darkhan is a powerful troop that can maintain its ground well more than enough.

There is a meme that holds a little bit of truth of the matter, where gamers dismount their Khan’s Guard and say that these are the finest infantry troops in the match.

And the answer would be certainly, dismounted Khan’s Guard would be greater infantry troops than the Darkhan. Does this signify you shouldn’t use them in your Khuzait playthrough? No.

They have decent armor and can adequately preserve the line against most troops. Nevertheless, never be expecting them to provide you any miracles.

Vlandian Sergeant

The Vlandian Sergeant is less difficult to get than the Voulgier and is a really reputable troop for the Vlandians.

They have the functionality to use the pike brace tactic, permitting them to prevent cavalry prices with simplicity, and can maintain shields as well. As opposed to other troops, although, they do not wield any ranged projectiles.

The only problem with them is that their armor is a whole lot weaker than it would appear. They can die really quickly when engaged in shut fight if they do not get their shields out in time.

Battanian Wildling

The Wildling is an attention-grabbing troop. It dies conveniently but is the very best skirmisher infantry troop in the video game. This is why we resolved to give them a mid ranking.

Certain, they can wipe out other infantry units in advance of they get into near variety, but after the melee commences, the Wildling gets to be a liability.

If you want to realize how easily they can split, just glance at their armor scores in contrast to the Imperial Legionary:

  • Foot Armor
    • Wildling -> 6
    • Legionary -> 22
  • Hand Armor
    • Wildling -> 5
    • Legionary -> 22
  • Head Armor
    • Wildling -> 25
    • Legionary -> 47

Aserai Veteran Infantry

The Aserai Veteran Infantry is an all-all over decent unit. They can keep your strains intact but also have some aggravating disadvantages.

They can use javelins, but they will most probable pass up, and they have spears that cannot be made use of to pike brace, which makes the polearm weapons a bit ineffective.

The detail that will make the Aserai Veteran Infantry units continue to related is their beefy armor. They can appropriately tank and keep the line-up.

C Tier

Sturgian Major Infantry

The lone wolf of Tier C, the Sturgian Major Infantry is a unusual 1. This a single was a long time ago, at least an A tier, but immediately after lots of nerfs, it has now fallen down to tier C.

Its armor is respectable, and its melee abilities are excellent adequate. These infantry models also wield some throwing axes that, most of the time, will never ever be made use of.

D Tier

Battanian Oathsworn

When you initially commence the match as a Battanian, you would most likely want to use the Oathsworn, considering the fact that it seems definitely great on paper.

Even so, the Oathsworn will get destroyed in big melee combat and has throwing axes, which are truly weak in Bannerlord. On the other hand, it can pike brace, which is often a welcome reward.

It is also a single of the only infantry troops in the game with equally polearm and shield, which can assist a whole lot for the duration of sieges.

Sturgian Major Spearman

These guys are truly lousy. We would put them even reduced if the next types wouldn’t be even even worse.

The Sturgian Significant Spearmen have no prospect in melee, have no throwing weapons, and wield spears, which suggests they cannot pike brace. All in all, a whole disappointment.

F Tier

Employed Blade

If you are a Mount and Blade: Warband veteran, then you may well realize and even may want to recruit a few Employed Blades listed here and there. Do not do it.

These guys are intended to be protect units, but they have horrible armor and get trampled by pretty much any first rate troop in Bannerlord. They also don’t have any throwing weapons, which leaves them in the worst tier.

Vlandian Pikeman

These units are a joke. They are the bad man’s Vlandian Sergeant. You would have no reason to ever decide on them.

The Vlandian Pikemen can pike brace, which is wonderful! Even so, the Sergeant can do this as effectively. The Pikeman is also horrendous in melee combat and has no ranged weapons, leaving it in the worst location on this tier record.

That’s every little thing you require to know about the finest infantry units and their rating in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord!

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