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Marriage is a very different program and significantly extra beneficial in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord as opposed to how it was in Warband.

Your wife or husband can be a pretty precious asset that can drastically aid you in conquering all of Calradia if you manage to fork out their mom and dad 1st!

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Long gone are the times of chivalry and diplomacy, exactly where you could just allure a youthful person or girl and then befriend their father.

This is why we have labored to make this substantial guidebook that will explain the relationship program in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord and will get you to appreciate this surprisingly effective mechanic.

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How Relationship Operates in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

There are specific guidelines when it comes to marriage in Bannerlord. These principles are diverse for the player character and their siblings.

You, the player, can marry any character of the distinct sexual intercourse as extended as they are not faction leaders, and that partner will be part of your clan. It does not subject if you are male or feminine.

Your family associates can marry faction leaders and clan leaders, but if they do, they will be a part of that clan. If they marry non-faction or clan leaders, the spouse will be a part of your clan, providing you a new companion to use. This only performs if your household member is a male.

If you marry your feminine family members member off, they will leave your clan, and you will eliminate a controllable character.

What Does Marriage Do

The major idea is that relationship is a wonderful way for you to get companions. Ordinarily, there is a companion restrict dependent on the clan tier.

On the other hand, you can get numerous new companions that don’t depend as companions via marriage and kids.

So, if your objective is to have a significant, effective clan, right here are the regulations:

  • Marry another person brief to make little ones that will enable you in the upcoming.
  • Marry male spouse and children associates to non-faction or clan woman leaders to get them in your clan.
  • Really don’t marry your female loved ones members.


  • If you endorse a male companion to be a noble, you can marry a woman loved ones member to make confident the new clan does not die off.
  • You can marry woman loved ones customers to clans you program on recruiting in the future.

How to Get Married/Marry in Bannerlord

Now, the only detail standing in your way is obtaining married. The main character in Bannerlord has a distinctive mechanic that lets them to “charm” the doable romance choice.

You can do this by approaching the possible relationship candidate in a castle or city hall and passing a few dialogue checks.

These will be based on the distinctive abilities you possess. Nevertheless, you can effortlessly move them all by saving scumming (saving right before talking to them and loading if you fall short).

The only cause why the charming minigame is relevant is the truth that to actually get married, you have to chat to the clan leader and propose a trade in which you question to marry your concentrate on.

So, to get married in Bannerlord, you require to tactic the clan leader of your passionate interest and negotiate as you would usually negotiate for resources.

Find that you want to marry whomever you would like and then negotiate a cost. You can both just give funds or try out to barter with numerous items you could possibly have on you.

If you take care of to appeal the particular person you desired to marry beforehand, the rate for the marriage will be substantially lessen than ordinary, ranging someplace from 1k to 5k denarii (the regular cost would be 10k to 30k).

Who are the Ideal Partners to Marry in Bannerlord

When it comes to your character, the very best men and women that you could possibly marry are people today with significant abilities. It would be ideal to appear for another person that has talents unique from what your companions by now have.

For case in point, if you have a genuinely great medic and scout, get a husband or wife that has a very good Steward skill and make them your quartermaster. This way, you can easily increase your military limit by additional than 50%.

You should also decide on an individual younger if you have a male most important character. Marrying an older female will reduce your possibilities of acquiring heirs.

When it will come to clan users, make absolutely sure to marry them in a way that won’t conclude up with them becoming a member of a unique clan. Aside from that, anybody will commonly be great.

Also, try out to marry them to clans you strategy on operating with so that your high associations are in fact practical.

If you are wanting to know about marrying companions, there is no way to do that. There also is not any gain in marrying your companions.

You could, however, marry them once you make them nobles, but that would just destroy their recently formed clan, earning the total approach worthless.

How to Make Small children in Bannerlord

Now that you acquired your wife or husband, you are almost certainly pondering how to keep on the system and get a infant.

To get someone expecting in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, the two spouses have to hold out in a city for a couple of days. Having said that, it can consider numerous times until eventually you get the notification that the spouse is expecting.

The notification will always come at the very same time you pay out the wages, so you can preserve scum yet again prior to that time due to the fact obtaining expecting seems to be centered on luck.

On the other hand, there are some factors concerning little ones that aren’t luck-centered:

  • A younger feminine has a bigger prospect of birthing babies (an more mature a single has a decreased prospect).
  • As soon as a girl is over 45 yrs outdated, they won’t be able to delivery small children any more.
  • The more children a female has, the lessen the odds for her to get a new a single.
  • The little one will be born 35/36 times after the being pregnant function.

There are also a pair of points that can materialize the moment the beginning of the youngster is about:

  • The baby is:
  • The mother is:

These benefits are random and are not decided beforehand, so you can save the day ahead of the birth and just reload if you really don’t like the result.

The child’s culture will be the identical as the mother’s, so both opt for a woman with the same culture as you or pick somebody from the greatest society group in Bannerlord.

Which is almost everything you need to have to know about how the marriage procedure will work in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord!

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