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Mastering the Charge Blade in Monster Hunter Entire world is an daunting obstacle not only do you have to don’t forget a lot of combos, but the idea of it being 50 percent of a sword and shield and 50 percent of an axe can be vexing. As a outcome, the Charge Blade is normally touted as a weapon that is not for the simply confused. There is natural beauty in its complexity, though—its transfer set lets hunts to make the most of different enjoy variations. As a result, tons of one of a kind and diverse builds emphasize the CB’s certain pros. Irrespective of whether you are just seeking the Charge Blade out or hunting to place alongside one another numerous builds following finishing the Iceborne expansion, you’ve arrive to the proper location. The builds I’ll be placing right here will include the necessities and check out some that align with the meta.

How the Cost Blade Performs in Monster Hunter Globe

Before diving into the products, we 1st have to have to go over what the Demand Blade is able of. The Cost Blade is made to swap amongst its Sword and Axe modes. You can treat Sword manner as the default, where by you’ll commit most of the time using the weapon. Sword manner gives you a balance amongst offense and defense it is also how you can demand up your phials. Your axe head will switch into a shield when making use of this mode, and it’s able of deflecting assaults and storing your phials until you swap to Axe manner.

If you want to produce potent blows, Axe mode is where by it’s at. With a bigger arrive at and destruction output, it is the perfect method for attacking monsters that adore staying up in the air (yes—I’m wanting at you, Kushala Daora!) or reducing horns. When you have enough phials stored, you can go for a Tremendous Amped Elemental Discharge—or SAED, for shorter. This is the most powerful assault a Demand Blade can give, but it can be easy to miss, primarily if the monster you are hunting is constantly shifting.

  1. The Electricity Axe Make

For this construct, we will prioritize armors, competencies, and decorations close to the Demand Blade’s Electric power Axe mode. Power Axe mode is comparatively new since it was only released in Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne growth. In essence, it allows you terminate your SAED into a Savage Axe Slash—assuming you currently have phials loaded.

Here’s the devices and armor you are going to will need:

Equipment Armor
Challenger Allure V Kaiser Crown β+
Rocksteady Mantle+ Brachydium Mail β+
Temporal Mantle+ Kaiser Vambraces β+
Safi’s Shattershield Kaiser Coil β+
  Brachydium Greaves β+

This establish aims to offer as much raw damage as feasible and use your phials to electrical power up your axe as an alternative of working any additional elemental or impression harm. We’ll just take advantage of Agitator Secret and Teostra Approach in this article these are regarded the most effective CB Monster Hunter Earth established bonuses given that they provide affinity and sharpness boosts.

Here’s the pre-decoration skill list for the Electrical power Axe create:

  • Agitator 7
  • Weak spot Exploit 3
  • Latent Energy
  • Vital Eye 2
  • Heat Guard
  • Blast Assault 2

When you slot in the decorations, try to remember to prioritize Ability Raise given that it powers up your axe head. Here’s what I suggest slotting in:

  • Significant Eye (if possible maxed out)
  • Ability Improve
  • (Blast Assault (preferably maxed out)
  • Assault Improve
  • Electrical power Prolonger
  • Razor Sharp
  1. The Common Unga Bunga DPS Make

For this variety of build, I’ll lean much more towards doing as considerably injury as feasible by utilizing numerous moves with the Charge Blade. If you are often up to day when wanting up the most recent make guides, you will no doubt acknowledge the armor we’ll be rocking here—there’s a motive why it’s viewed as the latest meta (exterior of the Fatalis establish sets). The Lightbreak Cost Blade is the most effective decide for this establish due to its non-Awakened raw harm, gnarly Blast destruction, and stunning Impact phials.

A great deal like the Power Axe establish, Agitator Secret and Teostra Technique are have to-haves. As well as, with the Rocksteady+ Mantle and Temporal Mantle+, there is no stopping you. The Temporal Mantle+, in certain, is helpful if you’re still acquiring to grips with timing your Guard Points. If you miss the block and the monster’s attack hits you, you can routinely damaging the damage and evade it.

Here’s the machines and armor:

Gear Armor
Challenger Charm V Kaiser Crown β+
Rocksteady Mantle+ Brachydium Mail β+
Temporal Mantle+ Kaiser Vambraces β+
Lightbreak Charge Blade Kaiser Coil β+
  Brachydium Greaves β+

You have almost certainly seen that we’re far more or considerably less making use of the exact armor and gear as the Electric power Axe create, so you can count on the techniques also to be equivalent:

  • Agitator 7
  • Weak point Exploit 3
  • Latent Power
  • Essential Eye 2
  • Warmth Guard
  • Blast Assault 2

Below are the decorations/techniques that are advisable with this make:

  • Offensive Guard
  • Significant Eye (if possible maxed out)
  • Black Attack (ideally maxed out)
  • Guard
  • Concentrate
  • Razor Sharp
  • Capability Raise
  • Artillery (for much more destruction when working with phials)
  1. Ice Elemental Create

If you are looking for elemental builds for the CB, I have bought 1 suitable below. We’ll be working with the Kjarr Strongarm Ice and Real Dragonvein Awakening (which you can unlock immediately after equipping 5 armor parts from the Safi’jiiva α+ and Safi’jiiva β+).  Genuine Dragonvein Awakening is ideal for this make as it raises your elemental problems and affinity.

Acquire a glance at the machines and armor for this elemental make:

Gear Armor
Dragonvein Awakening Safi Crested Crown β+
Real Dragonvein Awakening Safi Crested Upper body β+
Frost Allure V Safi Crested Vambraces
Kjarr Strongarm Ice Safi Crested Belt β+
  Safi Crested β+

As you can see, you will be employing all of the armor items of Safi’jiiva. Working with True Dragonvein Awakening improves this build’s assault even much more, but when utilized with a comprehensive Safi set, you can also recover 20-50% of the self-problems you deal with when it is lively.

Here’s the ability checklist for the Ice Elemental create without having any decorations slotted in nevertheless:

  • Essential Improve (maxed out)
  • Evade Window
  • Blight Resistance
  • Ice Assault

And here are the decorations I suggest employing with this create:

  • Concentration (ideally maxed out)
  • Critical Eye (if possible maxed out)
  • Ice Attack
  • Guard
  • Health and fitness Strengthen (if possible maxed out)
  • Capability Raise
  • Protective Polish
  • Evade Window

By slotting in DPS techniques like Vital Eye and Ice Attack, you are going to be equipped to maintain your own with this develop. Furthermore, considering the fact that you are going to have Guard, Evade Window, and Well being Improve, it’ll choose the stress off of you to avoid receiving one particular-shotted by elders.

Allow the Hunt Begin!

With the Charge Blade emotion like a convoluted weapon, to say that it’s demanding to learn is an understatement. With any luck ,, you figured out a point or two about what you can construct about the CB and how you can tap into its fullest opportunity.

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