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Mei-Ling Zhou is a DPS (Problems For each Second) hero in Overwatch 2, a scientist with climate-altering units, and has joined Winston to assist Overwatch 2 deal with distinct threats globally. She was when a climatologist in Ecopoint: Antarctica combating for the natural environment. Mei was despatched there to keep track of the local climate there. However, due to a storm, she and her workforce were being forced to go into cryostasis, which lasted lengthier than intended.

Mei awoke from her cryosleep 9 several years later on and was the only survivor in their ruined station in Antarctica, and the Overwatch she understood was no much more. Snowball, her companion, assists her in inventing new climate-manipulation technological know-how to support resolve the atmosphere and seeks to be a part of the new Overwatch.

Table of Contents

Endothermic Blaster

A cold gun shoots concentrated, quick-ranged streams of frost that can damage and sluggish enemies. In Overwatch 2, the weapon is made use of to shoot limited-range bursts of chilly toward her enemies, harmful and slowing them by 50%.

Mei’s Endothermic Blaster also has a secondary fireplace manner that shoots icicles somewhat than the standard frost-like projectiles. This hearth method can shoot at a larger length and deal a lot more harm. The downside to this weapon is that it will take ten ammo per shot from a 150-spherical journal.


An capability that can support Mei survive assaults. When activating it, she will encase herself in ice which makes her invulnerable, although healing her overall health by 50 HP (Wellness Points) for each 2nd and taking away her debuffs.

  • Idea 1: Usually Know When to Cancel Your Cryo
    • You will achieve HP will you are in cryo, but you can usually obtain it again from crew AoE therapeutic so you can emphasis on poke time and greatest harm.
    • When no enemies are peaking, you can stay in Cryo to regain g HP and ult cost.
  • Suggestion 2: Cryo Only When You Want To
    • Considering that this has a defensive cooldown, consider to use it when you are in a rough spot as an alternative of working with it to recover your self.
  • Tip 3: Cryo in Duels to Dodge CC or Cleanse Status Effects.
    • You can keep away from flashes like McCree’s flashbang or an enemy Mei’s freeze.

Ice Wall

Summon an ice wall created up of five pillars that are 20 meters substantial that can hold off enemies and guard Mei and her staff from hurt.

  • Tip 1: Time Your Wall
    • Walling randomly without having objective makes your wall worthless as it can make or crack a group clash or your 1v1s.
  • Suggestion 2: Stop Enemy Harm or Therapeutic
    • Block strains of sight from the enemy, particularly the enemy DPS, which can by now make a big big difference in your video game.
  • Idea 3: Acquiring Time
    • Use your wall when the opposing time initiates a energy engage in, working with their ultimates towards your workforce. A wall, even imperfect, can obtain time as they would have to have to get all around it. A wall like this must give you sufficient time to get distance, and your workforce can remedy back again with their best.
  • Idea 4: Force and Pull
    • Punish enemies that overextend. Isolate them or use your wall to get a far better place.
  • Idea 5: Rotations or Positioning
    • Wall off locations to make it simpler to rotate.
    • Any significantly less cell heroes who are not able to arrive at better sites can be boosted to the upper locations of the map.
  • Suggestion 6: Terminate Walls
    • This late wall suggestion is very very simple, terminate your wall when it no lengthier has value to be certain you can get yet another demand for your wall to use at the all set.


Mei’s Final Means, also recognised as Blizzard, is an AoE assault that can hurt, gradual, and even freeze her enemies. It summons a climate management drone that will have an effect on an space, and all enemy gamers in just that radius will drop their instant pace and get destruction. Any gamers trapped inside the Blizzard will be frozen entirely and not able to shift. Blizzard is powerful more than enough to shut down enemy groups, drive them to rotate, transfer to a different objective, or turn into a popsicle.

  • Tip 1: Making use of Blizzard on 1 or 2 Enemies is Great More than enough
    • Freezing two enemies and aggressively pushing can considerably affect a staff fight, placing the clash in your favor.
  • Idea 2: Defence or Reactive Blizzard to Reduce Tension
    • Mei’s supreme is applied to shut down teams and pressure them out it is just a make a difference of timing that can make a variation. When you and your team are pinned down, basically use Blizzard to freeze or scare them away.

Mei Overwatch 2 Playstyle

Soon after receiving some nerfs in Overwatch 2, she will even now feel and participate in the similar way that would be acquainted to returning players. She can’t freeze enemies with her key hearth, but the sluggish has increased to compensate for it. With a extra outstanding journal, she can remain in the struggle a great deal lengthier than she employed to. If utilised accurately, her expertise can be the destroyer of 1v1 battles, thanks to her slow skills, wall enemies off, or even isolate them.

When the chips are down, she can recover up with her skill with no taking any injury and hop again in when she is all set. Her Mei’s survivability is very high, and she has a matching DPS to make her enemies sense sorry for likely up versus her. Her Blizzard, even so, gamers would not want to chunk off far more than they can chew participating far too lots of foes at once may perhaps overwhelm you, and the Blizzard would just be pushed by way of.

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