McDonald’s Leak May Have Revealed Mario’s Weird Movie Face



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We recently found out that Mario’s backside is looking slightly deflated in the Super Mario Bros. movie, but it seems that his front isn’t looking great, either. A leak from an apparent McDonald’s employee in streamer ConnorEatsPants’ Discord has shown us Mario’s new movie face, and it’s looking a bit weird.

Video game movies have often played around with the design of well-known characters, and it appears that Mario is no exception. Though the general idea of Mario is still present, his arms are much shorter, and his head is much rounder to fit this more “realistic” aesthetic. All-in-all, it’s not a bad-looking Mario, per se, but it’s definitely different from what generations of video game fans are used to. It almost feels too reliant on the original games in a way.

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Look, let’s be honest. Nothing can be worse than the original movie design of Sonic the Hedgehog, which was so bad that they delayed the movie by three months to give the Blue Blur a major makeover. Personally, I think this design fits in with the rest of what we know about the Mario movie, including the voice work of Chris Pratt. It might not be automatically bad, but we’re not really sure it’s justified its existence quite yet. Either way, we’ll learn more about the Super Mario Bros. movie at the Nintendo Direct on Thursday.

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