Make My MMO: Star Citizen’s half a billion dollar boondoggle



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Star Citizen continues making history as this week it reached the lofty heights of $500,000,000 in crowdfunding from gamers, players, and donors. Of course, in just a few months, the game will also be celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Kickstarter as it pushes well into its second decade of seemingly eternal development. As we cover in every Star Citizen post, the game – along with its sister project Squadron 42 – is still deep in alpha testing after numerous delays and is the subject of endless internet squabbles over what this someday-MMO might eventually become… and when it might become it.

). Plus,

) as it stealthily downgraded from an MMO to a single-player title, all without accountability to its MMO Kickstarter backers.

Finally, if you’re curious about Temtem, make sure you check out our Choose My Adventure column, where MOP’s Chris has been chronicling his time there.

Read on for more on what’s been up with MMO crowdfunding over the last few weeks, plus our roundup of all the crowdfunded MMOs we’re following!

3001SQ (SMV) – Kickstarter unsuccessful, dev halted in 2018.
Holy crap it launchedAdventureQuest 3D (Artix) – Raised 368k; beta since 2016.
Holy crap it launchedAlbion Online (Sandbox) – Launched July 2017, hit Steam May 2018.
In the development dungeonsAntraxx (Team Antraxx) – Kickstarter canceled.
Holy crap it launchedAscent: The Space Game (Fluffy Kitten) – Successful KS. Launched 2016.
In the development dungeonsAshes of Creation (Intrepid Studios) – Successful KS. Alpha one.
It's launched, kindaBlast Out (Tarhead Studio) – Kickstarter successful. Originally called RUiN. In EA.
In the development dungeonsIt's launched, kindaBook of Travels (Might and Delight) – Kickstarted. Early access.
It's launched, kindaBroke Protocol (Cylinder) – Unsuccessful KS. In free early access.
In the development dungeonsCamelot Unchained (City State) – Kickstarter; open donations/packages.
Caribbean Conquest (Invenio) – First KS canceled, second ended unsuccessfully.
In the development dungeonsCodename Reality (Orode) – Kickstarter unsuccessful.
Contested Space (Zon) – Kickstarter unsuccessful.
Holy crap it launchedCrowfall (ArtCraft) – Kickstarter successful, Indiegogo. Launched, sold.
In the development dungeonsChronicles of Elyria (Soulbound) – Kickstarter. Much shenanigans.
Holy crap it launchedCity of Heroes Homecoming (Homecoming) – Monthly donation rounds.
In the development dungeonsCity of Titans (Missing Worlds Media) – Successful KS.
Dawngate (Studio Wayfinder). Kickstarter successful, but no license.
It's launched, kindaDay of Dragons (Beawesome) – Kickstarter successful.
In the development dungeonsDescent Underground (Descendent Studios) – Successful KS.
In the development dungeonsDestiny’s Sword (2Dogs) – Kickstarter successful June 2019; downgraded.
Divergence Online (Stained Glass Llama) – Abandoned in early access.
Dogma: Eternal Night
(Prelude Games Factory): Kickstarter. Probably dead.
It's launched, kindaDragon of Legends (Thrive Games) – Successful Kickstarter.
In the development dungeonsDreamworld (Dreamworld Realities) – Successful Kickstarter. Dodgy af. EA.
In the development dungeonsDual Universe (Novaquark) – Kickstarter funded, donor platform. Sept launch.
It's launched, kindaEco (Strange Loop Games) – Funded, now in beta.
Edengrad (Huckleberry Games) – Kickstarter funded. Abandoned.
Holy crap it launchedElite: Dangerous (Frontier Developments) – Funded and fully launched.
In the development dungeonsEmbers Adrift (Stormhaven) – Indiegogo. Fka Saga of Lucimia. Open beta in Sept.
Holy crap it launchedEmpyrion Online (Eleon) – Kickstarter canceled; launched on Steam.
Endless Trials (Fire Hurts) – Kickstarter canceled.
It's launched, kindaEpic Space (
In the development dungeonsEthyrial Echoes of Yore (Gellyberry). Kickstarter canceled.
EverFeud (PSB) – Kickstarter canceled.
Ever, Jane (3 Turn Productions) – Successful Kickstarter. Sunsetted 2020.
It's launched, kindaFractured (Dynamight/Gamigo) – Kickstarter successful. In early access as of fall 2022.
In the development dungeonsFractured Veil (Paddle Creek) – Kickstarter successful.
In the development dungeonsFreeland VR (Freeland VR AB) – Kickstarter successful.
In the development dungeonsFrozen Flame (Dreamside) – Fig campaign successful. In founder alpha.
In the development dungeonsGenfanad (Rose Tinted Games) – Kickstarter successful. Launching in Sept.
It's launched, kindaGlobal Adventures (SubaGames) – Kickstarter funded.
It's launched, kindaGloria Victis (Black Eye Games) – Open donations; early access.
Greed Monger (Greed Monger) – Abandoned, now allegedly in refund process.
Holy crap it launchedGrim Dawn (Crate Entertainment) – Funded and launched.
Holy crap it launchedGuardians of Ember (Runewaker) – Funded and launched.
Holy crap it launchedGuns of Icarus (Muse) – Funded and launched.
Hero’s Song (Pixelmage) – KS canceled; Indiegogo. Canceled w/ refunds.
In the development dungeonsIdentity (Asylum) – Kickstarter successful. Beta July 2022.
It's launched, kindaInfinity: Battlescape (I-Novae Studios) – Successful KS; in early access.
Holy crap it launchedHEX (HEX Entertainment) – Funded, launched; sunsetted 2020.
In the development dungeonsIlysia (Team 21) – Kickstarter fully funded Oct 2020. Closed beta.
Holy crap it launchedLegends of Aria (Citadel/Reaper) – Kickstarted as Shards Online. Launched 2020. Yikes.
Life is Feudal (Bitbox): Indiegogo ended. Closed and maintenance-moded.
LUX (Chimera) – Kickstarter canceled. Seemingly abandoned.
Maestros of the Anthymn (String Theory) – Kickstarter canceled.
Holy crap it launchedMaguss (Maguss) – Indiegogo successful; launched then sunsetted in 2020.
Mekria (Infinity Online Studios) – Kickstarter canceled. Seemingly abandoned.
It's launched, kindaMidair (Archetype Studios) – Kickstarter successful. On Steam but abandoned.
Holy crap it launchedNebula Online (Mizar Games) Kickstarter canceled; launched in November.
Neo’s Land (NeoJac Entertainment) – Open donations. Abandoned.
Novus AEterno (Taitale Studios) – Successful KS. Abandoned.
Oath (Ready-Up) – Kickstarter funded. Seemingly abandoned.
Holy crap it launchedOccupy White Walls (Stikipixels) – Kickstarter unsuccessful. Launched 2022.
In the development dungeonsOdd Giants (Odd Giants) – Patreon ongoing.
Holy crap it launchedOrbusVR (Ad Alternum) – KS funded March 2017. Launched 2019.
It's launched, kindaOverpower (Hydrant Games) – Kickstarter unfunded; early access.
In the development dungeonsPantheon: Rise of the Fallen (Visionary Realms) – Open donations. Pre-alpha.
It's launched, kindaPantropy (Brain Stone GmbH): First KS canceled, second funded. In EA.
In the development dungeonsPast Fate (Icy North): First Kickstarter unsuccessful, second successful.
Pathfinder Online (GoblinWorks) – Sunsetted 2021.
It's launched, kindaPath of Titans (Alderon) – Indiegogo. In early access.
It's launched, kindaPlanet Nomads (Craneballs) – Kickstarted, early access launched sans multiplayer.
It's launched, kindaPlaycraft (Bebop Games) – Kickstarter funded May 2019; in EA.
It's launched, kindaPixel Starships (SavySoda) – Kickstarter funded. Second one too. In EA.
It's launched, kindaProject Gorgon (Elder Game) – Three KS + Indiegogo. Early access.
Project Oasis World (POW) – Kickstarter unsuccessful.
Holy crap it launchedPumpkin Online (Monique) – Launched as Pumpkin Days.
RAW (Killerwhale) – Kickstarter canceled by Kickstarter.
ROKH (Darewise) – Kickstarter canceled; dev ended.
Sacrament (Ferocity Unbound) – Kickstarter, Patreon failed. Abandoned.
In the development dungeonsSeed (Klang Games) – Kickstarter imminent?
In the development dungeonsShadow’s Kiss (Clockwork Throne) – Ongoing Patreon, Kickstarter funded.
In the development dungeonsShip of Heroes (Heroic) – Kickstarter canceled, launch expected in 2022. Betas.
Holy crap it launchedShroud of the Avatar (Portalarium) – Launch 2016 & 2018. Trainwrecks.
In the development dungeonsSpycursion (Defun) – Kickstarter unsuccessful.
In the development dungeonsSquadron 42 (Cloud Imperium) – Beta delayed.
In the development dungeonsIt's launched, kindaStar Citizen (Cloud Imperium) – Ongoing funding. Backer alpha.
It's launched, kindaStarfighter Infinity (Ben Olding) – Kickstarter funded. Early access.
It's launched, kinda