Logitech’s Game Go Streaming Handheld Is Way too Expensive



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A white Switch-like device shows an Xbox dashboard while being held by two hands.

Possessing a (somewhat) tiny unit that can perform basically any large game on it is a neat strategy, and that is what I appreciate about Valve’s Steam Deck. But the Deck can be a little bit cumbersome, and its battery just doesn’t past occasionally. Plus it does not do the job easily with Xbox Sport Move. So the idea of a new, lesser handheld dedicated to streaming Video game Pass and Xbox titles seems fantastic! Nonetheless, at $300, it looks far too high-priced in a planet exactly where the Steam Deck and Change OLED exist at all-around the exact price point.

Announced now by Microsoft and Logitech, the new G Cloud handheld gaming console is a modest Android-driven system built all-around streaming movie online games. 10 many years ago this would have appeared like a strange concept. But currently, you can stream almost just about every video game across most platforms with more than enough tinkering. The strategy powering this new G Cloud gadget is to cut out the tinkering and modding and present gamers with a basic, quick, and light-weight way to stream all the fantastic video games on Sport Go.

1st, the positives. The new Android gadget claims to have an extended battery lifestyle, possibly many thanks to the point it is only streaming games and not running them natively. It offers a solid 1080p 7-inch touchscreen, built-in controls, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a button and stick format equivalent to an Xbox controller. I also definitely like the glimpse of the machine. It is a bit lesser than Steam Deck, which must be good for individuals who have lesser palms.

But here’s the challenge: The value. Presently, you can pre-order the G Cloud at $300 which is fairly superior taking into consideration this is fundamentally a fancy Android phone with designed-in controls, a greater battery, and no means to make cellular phone phone calls. It does have aid for the Google Participate in Keep, so presumably, cellular video games and apps will function on it. And remaining based mostly on Android, it will essentially be moddable from day one. But still, $300 for that would seem significant.

And that’s just for now. The moment it’s out on October 17, the price shoots up to $350, aka the same value as a new Change OLED and only $50 considerably less than a 64GB Steam Deck. Now, it’s genuine that the Switch cannot stream the overall Video game Pass library, but with some tinkering the Steam Deck really can, although also taking part in (most) of your Steam games.

When I initially saw the G Cloud on Twitter I was intrigued. A tiny machine committed to Android apps and Xbox Recreation Pass cloud streaming could be awesome to have. But only for like…$200. At the latest price, I’d suggest people obtain a new cellphone, an external controller for their latest cell phone, or a Steam Deck instead.

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