Listed here are all the bulletins from the Silent Hill Transmission

Konami wrapped up its Silent Hill Transmission before these days, dropping quite a few superior-profile announcements on video games and other tasks for the franchise. Nicely, I would say it “wrapped up,” but by that I would signify it dropped the whole showcase ideal out the gate. All 48 minutes of it. Whoops. Anyway, from games to films and miscellaneous, here’s what the present introduced us.


The checklist isn’t all way too long, and at the very least a person announcement was currently identified to be coming. But with no even more hold off, here’s the showcase in its entirety.

Silent Hill 2 remake

It was rumored that a Silent Hill 2 remake was on the way. Along with reported rumors, it was thought that the makers of Layers of Anxiety, Bloober Workforce, was involved in some way. Nicely, now we obtained both confirmed. A remake of Silent Hill 2 is in fact in improvement, and Bloober has taken the direct. The video game is getting built applying Unreal Engine 5, and it appears to be like just beautiful. And creepy. Check out out the trailer below: out?v=8qPdInnvMzg

Silent Hill F exposed

While Silent Hill 2 was envisioned, Silent Hill F was absolutely amid the most astonishing announcements of the Transmission showcase. Not only is it a new activity in the franchise, but it usually takes position for the duration of 1960s Japan. With a story penned by the writer of Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, Ryūkishi07, Silent Hill F is evidently heading to brave, new places inside the sequence. out?v=v3r7QnKutko

Return to Silent Hill motion picture revealed

There is a different Silent Hill motion picture in the is effective, and it’s evidently an adaption of Silent Hill 2. The director of the unique film, Christophe Gans, is returning to direct. Producer of the motion picture, Victor Hadida, states it will be “very genuine to the initial video game,” boasting the psychological horror theme. The initial movie was not horrible, to be truthful. I’m searching ahead to seeing how this subsequent one holds up.

Silent Hill: Ascension is a thing that will exist in 2023

I’m heading to be accurate to you, fam: I have no notion what the hell Silent Hill: Ascension is. From what I can collect in the online video description, it will not automatically be a sport but “a new interactive streaming collection in which the complete group styles the canon of Silent Hill.” It is coming to us from Genvid, Undesirable Robotic Game titles, Conduct, and DJ2 Enjoyment. From what I can glean, it’ll be an constantly-stay social conversation activity in which several men and women occur jointly to do a matter — likely on smartphones.

Silent Hill Townfall is coming from the makers of Observation

Among all the announcements out of the Silent Hill Transmission, Silent Hill Townfall may have me the most intrigued. Confident, I’m energized for the Silent Hill 2 remake. You bet. But I also beat it several years back, so it will not precisely be a new expertise for me. Having said that, Silent Hill Townfall, coming from the studio No Code of Observation and Stories Untold fame, has my interest. If it follows along the footsteps of the developer’s earlier get the job done, it will most likely be a narrative practical experience set in the Silent Hill universe. And that just seems very darn neat. out?v=_ccYsjz_EtQ

That wraps up all the bulletins of the exhibit. We’ll have more news on anything disclosed in due time, so remain tuned.

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