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Legacy 1917 – surviving stealth motion game
By no means considered it normally takes so a great deal bravery to announce your beloved challenge. We have postponed it many occasions, but, looking outside the house from the window and witnessing such volatile times, we made the decision that it’s time to come out of the shadows and converse about what we are performing on. Introducing stealth action indie game—Legacy 1917.

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=3pGaPaN3dCk

HOW IT ALL Commenced . . .

The initial thought of the game appeared in 2019. Our tale requires position in a fictional Empire which is currently being wrecked by ongoing war with a neighbor and interior political conflict. The video game differs from most war-themed video games by focusing on the stealth encounter somewhat than traditional beat. Violence and chaos guidelines all above the dying Empire. While doing work on the match scenario, we were being inspired by the historic functions of the beginning of 20th Century. We made the decision to steer clear of immediate historical references but we have been unquestionably motivated by true activities.

The start of enhancement was, to put it mildly, significantly from perfect, but inside a few months we located people who preferred the idea. This is how the Bear Smile team was born.

At this issue, prototypes and strategy artwork started popping out suitable out of the oven. Listed here are some tremendous-early phase concepts and gameplay online video:

Early concept

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=s682QX-xYP8

Even further enhancement and new concepts led to a radical modify in the gameplay and a deep transforming of the situation. At some stage, only the identify of the protagonist and the environment remained. At the commencing of 2020, the remaining principle was aligned and we started to transfer stage by step toward the release.

2022 and the box of sweets

When we introduced our project we understood that the setting is exotic — there are just a couple productive and superior-quality indie games in very similar settings. And this developed fairly easy to understand challenges for challenge promotion. But we could not hope the hellstorm at the close of winter season 2022.

Geopolitics hit us like a high-velocity prepare a sleeping fowl. But we pulled ourselves together and resolved that it would not be the stop. Our sport is telling a tale about the insanity of revolution, about the alternatives of people to continue to be very good even in the course of the most nightmarish periods, about the reality that one can normally deny violence and not to succumb to the crowd’s brainwashing. And we intend to inform the world our story.

What is Legacy 1917 about?

Legacy 1917 is an motion-experience stealth recreation. The participant will journey via a war-torn empire, the place culture is break up and there is no unity. At the middle of the tale is a conflict among two brothers: the youthful brother joins the anarchists and renounces his standing and family even though his older brother, Peter, serves as an officer in the Imperial Army. The revolution finds him in the trenches of the war. He continue to thinks in a brighter future — even when his youthful brother, succumbing to new traits, commits atrocities. Producing his way by this new fact, which until eventually not too long ago seemed unimaginable, Peter is on a journey property trying to safeguard other individuals from his brother’s insanity.Game Functions

Throughout advancement, we are inspired by such vintage indie blockbusters as Plague Tale: Innocence, Death’s Doorway and Commandos, but at the exact same time we develop our have unique type and concepts:

  • Disguise in multilevel environments, use objects to distract and confuse enemies, address puzzles by analyzing one’s surroundings.
  • Investigate various places and interact with NPCs who’s exclusive stories include to the immersive location of the adventure.
  • This grim post-war setting of the revolution depicting actual spots will become a excellent system to tell the story of the rivalling brothers and the persons who were on the lookout to rebuild their life following a clash of epochs.
  • Unique visuals with primary art for every degree that ended up influenced by classical and modern day artists increase the immersive result the adventure’s emotional storytelling offers.
  • An first soundtrack influenced by classical new music from the starting of XXth century sends players off into the intensive ambiance of the revolution-torn place.

We believe that all these features will enable us to make an immersive and remarkable game that will give all people the option to truly feel the ruthlessness of the revolution and the human drama.

To be ongoing…

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