The ABCs Of Choosing An Enjoyable Leather Notebook

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Did you know that your notebook has more benefits than your phone? A book doesn’t need any charging, it is affordable, portable, and stylish. Above all, it inspires you to be creative so that you remain focused as you grow old. If you are a classy individual, you should choose one thoughtfully. The selection process may not be as easy as you think. It is like shopping for a good car which should be unique. Notebooks are available in various shapes, weights, sizes, paper count, covers, bindings, types of lines, and so on and so forth. 

  • Notebook covers

This is a huge consideration when choosing between notebooks. There are basically two categories of covers: hard and soft. Hard covers are durable, heavy, expensive, and offer a rigid and stable writing platform. A leather notebook cover is a hard type and it allows you to write while on the go. The cover is more professional and formal and is dependent on the type of environment. Leather is long-lasting and shields your written contents from water. It is also weather-proof so that it endures fading. Therefore, a leather notebook serves you for a long time and remains neat throughout its lifespan. Some people love soft covers due to their flexibility hence facilitating easy transportation after folding. This means that a soft covered notebook takes little space inside a bag or desk. It can even be personalized by folding into the shape of one’s pockets.

  • Weight

This is a controversial factor given that most people think that thick papers are the best. If you like fountain pens, then thickness doesn’t matter since the ink can bleed into whatever thickness of a paper. If the ink seeps into a thick paper, it causes feathering while indentations occur in a thin paper. So, heavier notebooks are not always the best. Before choosing one, determine first what favorite pen you would be using and make a test.

  • Page count

This is the total number of sheets featured in a book. Some designs consist of removable pages which do not tear up during the removal. A spiral book for instance is of high paper quality which is easier to pluck out than glued writing pads. 

  • Size

Sizes follow particular standards. There are two main sizing standards namely U.S and European sizes. The latter presents A, B, and C sizes. Similar ratios and shapes are used in the three categories but the magnitude differs. The choice of size depends on the usage of the book. Pocket-sized notebooks are light and of fewer pages while junior sizes can be multi-functional. The most ideal notebooks for office work are the letter sized designs as they can accommodate a lot of stuff including images and feature sufficient writing spaces. 

Since the world of notebooks encompasses a lot, the named suggestions are only there to help you get started. But when it comes to covers, leather notebook covers are the best. However, no single notebook is recommended to everyone. 


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