Latest Elden Ring Patch References New Maps, Rebalances PvP



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Elden Ring might be the frontrunner for game of the year 2022, but the past few months have been rather quiet ones for From Software. Now, a new patch that rebalances Elden Ring’s PvP has added hidden references to new maps, as well as laying the groundwork for a wider PvP reshuffle that fans have been asking for.

Patch 1.07 is almost exclusively multiplayer-focused. The biggest change is the addition of separate damage scaling for PvP battles, which is by far the biggest change that the game’s community has lobbied for in the months since its release.

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Most PvPers contend that the damage values on many of Elden Ring’s popular weapons and Ashes of War are inflated, which leads to short battles where a single mistake means life or death. Besides this, the patch makes several sweeping changes to multiplayer, including a general nerf to all Ashes of War, as well as many adjustments specific to certain weapons. For example, the dreaded Colossal Sword crouch-poke has been tuned down substantially, which should hopefully help the long-term viability of the game.

According to prolific Souls hacker Lance McDonald, this patch also adds references to maps that aren’t in the game yet on a raw code level. It also adds some code that appears to be related to ray-tracing options that don’t exist yet in the options menu, either. This would seem to indicate that fresh single-player content for the game is coming at some point soon, though you probably shouldn’t hold your breath. There is no timetable for Elden Ring DLC at this point, though considering that the game has sold almost 17 million copies in six months, it seems like an inevitability.

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