Knowledge of Nym: The challenge with Remaining Fantasy XIV’s consumables and buffs



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All ideal, gang, who needs a sandwich? Particularly if that sandwich involves… a strengthen to your Determination and Significant Strike score for the following 50 percent hour? Congratulations, and welcome to the wonderful world of Ultimate Fantasy XIV’s consumable products which include both food stuff and potions. It appears like a quite clear-cut field when you appear at it in the abstract mainly because it is constantly experienced rather apparent conditions outlined. Potions are brief-expression buffs food is the for a longer time-expression buff.

But practically nothing is ever totally easy, and considering the fact that I have these days been cooking up a storm in the video game when I have been crafting, I felt like using a look at the entire shebang. So let’s speak about the game’s consumables, what absolutely will work with the current method, what is not so terrific about the current technique, and what the offer is with all the carrots in this enlargement. Sure, I know, we have to get in people rabbit jokes because of the whole issue with the loporrits, but… eh, forget about it.

To get started with, we want to go again to the days of FFXIV v1., when meals and potions were type of the wild west in conditions of results. In the broadest sense, meals gave you buffs and potions also gave you buffs. Nevertheless, they the two were… variable. Occasionally food was incredibly helpful for restoration or a quick-phrase buff. Occasionally foodstuff would stack. At times potions gave extensive-expression buffs. At times meals and potions would each stack. At times potions ended up overwritten by other magical buffs. Variety of wild.

Naoki Yoshida seemed at all of this and his group place alongside one another a system, and we wound up with a fairly simple prepare for how potions and foodstuff would do the job. Food items provided stat boosts as well as an practical experience boost, thus creating it useful for each prime-degree characters and leveling people (following all, you get a stat increase and a little bit extra expertise, that’s all good). Potions, meanwhile, give small-term buffs as effectively as restoration from position consequences, restoration of HP/MP/GP/whatever, and short-time period crafting buffs that stack with meals. These buffs were divided cleanly, so you ended up always distinct about what to use.

As time has gone by, the method has been enhanced and refined. These times we have comprehensible meals that provides a percentage stat enhance with a utmost benefit, making certain that more recent food items has larger values (and as a result much more affect). We have potions that have a comparable per cent-with-cap purpose that very last for a brief time, mainly building your burst windows that a lot burstier.

So what is superior in this article and what’s lousy?

This looks less than welcoming.

Very first and foremost, I assume it is vital to take note that whatever criticisms I have to stage against the procedure, it does one thing which is possibly most vital: It will work. You realize what meals is supposed to do, what potions are meant to do, and what the difference is amongst them. The categories are very clear, and the a single area wherever the line is a bit blurred (syrups for crafters) is the one spot where by you can’t use goods commonly, so you kind of have to break the procedure a small little bit.

Much more importantly, it does one thing that’s very crucial to the game’s overall financial system and balance: It offers the two Culinarians and Alchemists something practical and appealing to do within the market. Neither just one is a useless or superfluous craft, and especially at the leading conclusion, you’re likely to have to have both of those types of crafters to appropriately established up supplies for your progression group. The recent process that we have is not rubbish or non-practical.

All suitable. So what’s the issue. Well… for starters, if you’re not in a development team, potions are form of worthless.

I’m not just talking about restorative potions. Those are also useless. Confident, you can get and have Antidotes to clear away poison, but realistically how often are you really receiving the Poison position outcome on a frequent foundation? Maybe in some reduced-stage dungeons, and even then people dungeons are completely well balanced all over the actuality that your healer can Esuna it absent if it’s in fact remotely dangerous to you. Thank goodness, I can remedy Blind with Eye Drops, and if I can feel of a solitary combat the place Blind is suitable, that might imply something!

There is a cause we haven’t gotten a new tier of therapeutic potion in a although: We just really don’t want them. They never definitely provide anything handy. Enemies in the open planet do not do enough problems that you simply cannot take care of by present therapeutic talents and cooldowns, and group written content will normally entail a healer or therapeutic steps of some kind to continue to keep you up and functioning. Heck, the most helpful restorative potions are Cordials because they do a little something that gatherers normally simply cannot for selected collecting home windows. Which is it.

But even the stat-boosting potions are variety of worthless in 90% of the written content.

Tataru and her muffin adventure.

I’m not saying they do not perform. They definitely do the job, and they will make your burst window burstier when you are smacking away on that dungeon manager. But that’s for a 30-2nd window, and fairly frankly that’s basically almost nothing in contrast to the reality that you can try to eat a meal at the start off of the dungeon and get its rewards all the way through as a prolonged-term passive gain, and dungeons are made so that even the unmelded and unfed can obvious them reliably with negligible hassle.

This generates a divide – not a enormous and unmanageable a single, surely not just one that tends to make Alchemist worthless, but there is a cause why there are new Alchemist recipes for component potions that get utilised in superior-stop gear so that the Alchemists nevertheless have as much to do. No one particular is really heading to be paying out tomestones for a slight advantage for 30 seconds except if you are pushing higher-stop progression.

The flip facet to this, of training course, is that it makes a skewed notion of what potions truly do. A large amount of players at decrease concentrations truly have no notion of how or when you are ever supposed to use potions, and the fact that they are highly-priced and seemingly not incredibly handy can make little perception. It is not a terrible wall, but it is a spot where by the video game could use a improved on-ramp for comprehending how to make use of consumables and how practical just ingesting food stuff right before a dungeon operate can be.

I do consider that there could be a way to assist address this: Basically, acquire a site from the crafting consumables and create a line of potions with a 15-minute period that boost a principal stat (albeit significantly significantly less than the 30 second tinctures). The internet consequence is that Alchemists get a little something to craft that individuals want to obtain without the need of always pushing the limit… while it could participate in hell with balancing. (Primary stat increases are really effective.)

Finally, what we have is a really very good method of consumables with tangible and easy to understand gains that performs actually very well and could get the job done a little bit superior. If no changes are built, that’s great it is a fantastic enough procedure as it is. But that’s no motive not to look at areas where by it could work better.

Responses, as generally, is welcome in the feedback down below or by means of mail to [email protected] Next week, it’s stay letter discussion time!

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