Know the Importance of Pendants in Present Times



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Pendants are an old artefact of society. They have been around since the 14th century. Earlier, they were used to establish one’s class and standing in society. Pendants were also used by men as a family or royal herald and by women to depict sentimentality; typical of the ancient times.

With changes over the centuries, their meanings have varied through different cultures. However, one thing that has remained constant is that it was and is still used as a status and cultural symbol. It represents one’s cultures, aesthetics, dearness, economy, etc.

Today, it is also used by individuals to bespeak individuality more than make cultural statements. Now, have a look at the trending pendant designs available for both genders.

Trending pendant designs for both men and women:

Religious pendants:

Usually, both men and women wear these pendants. They symbolise an individual’s religious orientation, which need not necessarily agree with the religion they are born in, thus making them the ‘it-trend’ for modern times.

Star-shaped pendants:

Pendant designs in shape of stars are in vogue as much today as they were in the past. Their simplicity makes them catchy embellishments, to be worn to any occasion, be it a glamorous party or a simple family occasion. Because of its simple appeal, you can wear it with all outfits to bring the chic look. It serves as an add-on which states a lot more than just the simplistic name.

Gold pendants

Gold has always been a precious metal irrespective of the culture or time. It represents wealth, status, aesthetic preferences, etc. Almost every prosperous civilization and empire had gold coins and jewellery.

And they have still not lost their value. In fact, with time, the value of gold has only increased. Gold pendants designs, therefore, are a package in themselves when talking of embellishments.

Diamond centred pendants

Diamond, like gold, has since time immemorial been considered a precious stone. Even though unlike gold, diamond is only a stone, the work given into making the perfectly cut diamond makes it desirable for pendant making. Having one of them in your collection can not make things better when you are up for a style statement.

Designer pendants

These are the choicest and in-vogue pendants currently. Their relevance dates back to many centuries when pendants were used to make a cultural and social statement. People love wearing it to make a statement; a personal statement that bespeaks your personality.

As they are personalized as per your taste in jewellery, your sense of aesthetic, social and cultural beliefs, they automatically receive a yes. These pendants also come in gold. You can look out for some exceptional range of gold pendants designs customized as per your style and preference.

Pendants don’t always have to be a symbol of status, culture or stand as a symbolization of individuality for that matter. They also represent the aesthetic value that you hold dear. So, choose a pendant design as per your choice and flaunt at the next social gathering or cultural celebration. Remember, the right choice of pendant can make you stand out in the crowd.

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