Keeping Your Invisalign Trays Clean – Follow These Handy Tips



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Recall the happiness you had when the dentist told you were eligible to wear Invisalign braces to align your teeth? Yeah, right, that moment is euphoric. It is invariably right to have something more suitable than the old classic braces since you will not be combating with the rough metal wires and trays. As of now, do you know the proper way to cleanse your Invisalign trays? Through this post, we are here with a series of tips that will help you preserve your fresh set of Invisalign trays unaccompanied by any discolouration, odour, and bacteria build-up. 

Bacteria utilize the time you are resting to uncover their ways of gathering in your trays. Due to this, you should wash them off when you get up in the morning. Your dentist of Invisalign treatment in Rocky Mountain House must have given you instructions to clean your trays. Follow them. 

To avoid bacteria assemblage on your trays, assure you brush during the morning and before bed at night. Preserving your mouth and trays neat is the soundest way to combat the bacteria.

  • Saturate Them in the Denture Cleaner Daily

Your dentist must have presented you with some Invisalign denture cleaner or cleaning crystal to help maintain the hygiene of your trays. Take out some time of the day to soak your trays into any of these cleaners. Once you are done, clean off the leftover plaque with a brush. Wash out the trays and brush your teeth before wearing them again. 

  • Do Not Skip to Brush & Floss 

It is an increased risk of wearing your trays when you haven’t brushed or flossed. Wearing the Invisalign trays in a foul mouth will entangle the lingering food elements between your teeth and some in the trays. When these food bits dwell there for some time, they will lead to dental issues like tooth decay, cavities, etc.

  • Avoid Cleansing Your Trays With Scented/Coloured Soaps

Scented or coloured soaps can spoil your trays or give them a bizarre taste when you wear them. It can cause you to lose hunger and even want to vomit. Only use unscented antibacterial soaps to get the most from your Invisalign trays.

  • Avoid Drinking or Eating While Wearing Your Trays

The only thing you can drink while your Invisalign is on is water. Besides this, assure your Invisalign trays are off when eating or drinking. Eating while wearing your trays will put your Invisalign trays at risk of being cracked or chipped by tough foods. It may also cause some food particles to be stuck between the teeth and the trays. To control these, you must remove Invisalign before approaching the meal table.

  • Avoid Cleaning Your Invisalign With Toothpaste

In general, toothpaste is appropriate for cleaning the teeth, not the Invisalign trays. Cleaning with toothpaste will cause the trays to be damaged and discoloured as toothpaste formula has some abrasive ingredients that are not so restorative for your Invisalign trays. Toothpaste will also cause your trays to lose their lustre, making them less imperceptible, hence overpowering the aim of going for Invisalign.


You can agreeably preserve your Invisalign trays by adhering to a daily cleaning ritual. It is still important to preserve their lustre and invisibility. To have the most effective Invisalign treatment, we advise you to keep your trays in the finest state. Occasionally take them to your dental expert for professional cleaning. So make certain to follow these handy tips. 

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