Is Apex Legends Dying? Described



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It’s been a handful of years since this epic shooter was produced, and some might be questioning if Apex Legends is dying or if the trend has dried up. Irrespective of currently being a potent contender as a struggle royale sport, Apex Legends continue to feels somewhat dwarfed by other much more well known titles so let us see for ourselves how alive it is.

Apex Legends was launched at a time when popular BR video games like PUBG and Fortnite were at their peak. They dominated the fight royale style, and for excellent reason as well. PUBG’s immense popularity as a realistic fight royale shooter seemingly breathed lifestyle again into the genre.

Alongside with that, Fortnite’s totally free-to-engage in nature and uncomplicated-to-pickup gameplay mechanics were one thing most people loved. Even with these hurdles, no, Apex Legends is not dying and would seem to be increasing every year in accordance to participant rely stats and over-all viewership figures.

Now, more than 3 a long time right after its launch, we arrive back to this slick capturing encounter and see how nicely it is executing. From a shock launch with 50,000,000 players in the initial month to what it is now, let us get into no matter if Apex Legends is dying.

Is Apex Legends Still Applicable?

Apex Legends sneaked on to the scene and was instantaneously picked up by taking pictures enthusiasts, streamers, and even specialists alike. It gave avid gamers a formula of a fantasy shooter that was backed by fantastic design and style, fantastic storytelling, and wonderful gameplay.

Even so, while still getting a popular BR title, it attracted gamers only to be remaining for the future large point that arrived out. Granted, Valorant did the same system of means-driven figures fighting just about every other just in a extra managed aggressive environment.

The components that we took into thought all concentration on the progress, reputation, and in general steadiness of gamers. They undeniably inform the tale of Apex Legends and define its program from the minute it hit platforms. The factors are labeled particularly as such:

  • Viewership
  • Playerbase
  • Aggressive Functions
  • Activity Updates

Now let’s bounce straight into the subject matter at hand and see for ourselves what condition Apex Legends is really in these days.

Apex Legends Viewership

Viewership of any specific online video recreation is a great evaluate of how common that match is. It suggests how quite a few gamers actively enjoy observing that video game getting performed, and the video game by itself. And with statistics from Twitch on hand, we can examine if Apex Legends is dying or not.

Data and graphs showing viewership statistics for Apex Legends on Twitch.
Graphic via

When it was launched, Twitch noted a staggering 200K+ common viewership on the silent nevertheless profitable start of the recreation. Eventually, that number shrunk down to measly digits but has noticed rises frequently in excess of the years.

At this time, the average viewership resides at close to 60K, and peak views often cross the 250K, and 500K views mark respectively. A very clear sign of the game’s acceptance and secure desire amongst gamers around the world.

Apex Legends Playerbase

The most critical variable to be regarded as, because a deficiency of players on servers, is a tell-tale indication that not many persons play it. We ascertained stats from unique resources since there is no way to account for all gamers on all platforms collectively. Throughout its occupation, Apex Legends has strike 100 million lively gamers which is a feat in by itself.

According to, considering the fact that the recreation arrived to Steam it has noticed a regular increase in players. It experienced all over 100K concurrent gamers again in November 2020 and has now hit an extraordinary all-time high of 510K concurrent gamers by way of Steam on your own. Not even counting equally remarkable numbers on other platforms and launchers the video game is played on.

Apex legends steamcharts
Graphic by using

The game’s design and exceptionally optimized shipping and delivery made it attractive to gamers of all ages. Not to mention the quickly-paced, parkour-infused gameplay that was as opposed to just about anything else inside the shooter genre. And hence, the figures alone notify us that Apex Legends is nowhere in close proximity to dying.

Apex Legends Aggressive Activities

Capturing video games in distinct have usually witnessed huge competition in between gamers, it is what drives gamers to attempt for more. And Apex Legends is no distinctive, with a reliable esports presence in this era. The good news is for our predators, there are numerous tournaments to contend in and substantial paydays for the winners.

Apex legends competitive events
Impression via EA

Apex Legends saw a collective prize pool of $5,000,000 for both of those 2021 and 2022, counting in all significant and slight situations in the yearly timetable. The most common is the Apex Legends Worldwide Series (which holds the peak viewer record on Twitch) with a massive prize pool of $2,000,000. With competition like this, players and viewers alike would unquestionably flock to this video game.

Graphic by way of

Apex Legends Sport Updates

The very last issue to take into account is a single that suggests the match is alive to hold players engaged. Updates and new material necessarily mean a great deal to gamers, it keeps the activity fresh new and every single significant update attracts new gamers (or previous players again).

This is where Apex Legends took a site out of Fortnite’s e book, with seasonal updates and wonderful new written content added usually. The update frequency is fairly engaging and every single other major update brings possibly new Legends, new maps, and gatherings that maintain the gaming predators satiated and nicely-fed.

Apex Legends bringing new characters in updates
Impression by way of EA

In addition, the most important update to the franchise all round arrived in the form of Apex Cell. It was an fast strike among mobile gamers and seemingly topped charts in over 60 nations. It simply expanded the game’s reputation right away, remaining obtainable on the most obtainable gaming platform you could have. This just goes to demonstrate you the pattern that proves that Apex Legends is here to remain.

Apex Legend expanding to the mobile platform
Picture by way of EA

And there you have it, concrete information and facts on what is continue to a really common movie game that surpasses all anticipations of staying 1 the most popular struggle royale game titles. Ideally, we sufficiently answered your queries about Apex Legends dying. Inform us in the opinions down below how lengthy you have been taking part in Apex Legends or head more than to our guides page for extra on Apex Legends.

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