Know What Makes Independent Schools in Preston Better Than the State Schools

Every year, thousands of parents decide whether to send their child to either a state school or a private independent school in Preston. As both of them are suitable, still, private schools are considered worth the effort, time, and money. Their standard education provided to children justifies enough.

In this article, we will discuss the various advantages of private child care Preston facilities, what they can offer, and how beneficial they are in the long run. So, let us get started.

Class Size

A major advantage of independent schools in any UK region, including Preston, is the class size. The average strength in the class is 18-20, or even less than this. Whereas, the state schools normally enrol more than 30 pupils in a class, which is considerably large enough. As a matter of course, the smaller class size indicates that more time and attention is devoted to the educational growth of every individual child.

A Focused Curriculum

Generally talking about the focus that independent sector schools provide to the children individually is far better than the state schools. They tailor the curriculum so that every child feels comfortable and easier to clear the final exams taken at the end of the course. Putting this in simple words, the schools like Ashbridge School know how to acknowledge the pattern to learn easily and in different ways. The availability of such a wide range of qualifications, personalized attention, and various learning styles is not possible with the larger class sizes and national curriculum of the state schools in the UK.

Teachers are Qualified Enough

Usually, both the state and private Preston child care schools have excellent teachers. However, schools under the prestigious Independent Association of Prep. Schools most likely hire teachers and mentors with qualifications like PhDs. So, if the pupil is enrolled in an independent school, he/she is certainly receiving insights from a unique and experienced teacher.

Personal Development

Indeed, the development of self-confidence is another distinct advantage delivered by private schools. Wondering how is this possible? Eventually, the child follows a unique curricular activity pattern, which encourages his teamwork, life skills, and leadership like skills. The child derives from this pattern of active networking, which is normally missing in the state sector schools.

On-Campus Facilities

Last but not least, a further advantage that independent schools in Preston have is often access to more diverse and better facilities. Normally, state schools do not have many of them. Private child care schools have high-quality sports arenas with changing rooms, swimming pools, and astroturf pitches. A study discovered that more than 40% of the UK athletes who have won a series of medals in the Olympics had been a part of the independent schools. Well, that only happened when they received quality sporting facilities at the right time. Not only this, sports facilities that can be located amongst elite private schools can be theatre, drama studios, horse riding, sailing, golf, and fencing, which is usually beyond the level of state-level schools.

So what is your take on this? Would you still prefer a state sector school or simply choose an excellent independent school for better opportunities? Let us know in the comments; we would love to read them!

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