Ideas to organize and save photos: Make your trip memorable

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A trip to your favourite destination is always memorable. When you travel to any place, you click tons of pictures and make lots of videos. Isn’t it? But what to do with these photos after you are back home? Some pictures go on social media, while the rest of the images sit on your laptop or phone. Because no one wants to create a photo album of their travels as they are boring and no one wants to see them.

Therefore, you have to get creative with your images, which is possible these days due to so many digital options. Also, you get quite many souvenirs from your travels, finding a creative way to display them is always amazing. In this blog, we will discuss some innovative ideas for you to share and organize your travel images.

Let’s go.

1. Create a travel scrapbook

Starting a travel scrapbook is one of the easiest and fun ways to find a home to travel images and other souvenirs. Even a simple map from your first international museum visit can find a place in your scrapbook.

It is a fun craft where you can give one destination a few pages. Stick all your favourite snaps from the trip here. Also, the picture of the dish and its recipe that you love can go in here.

2. Create a collage and poster

Choose the best images from your vacation that you want to display. Edit them and create a collage of them using Canva. After that you have quite many options, you can get them printed and put them in a frame. Or you can create a huge poster out of that college and put it over your bed frame or in the main hall.

3. A digital photo album

A lot of time we wish to see our photos displayed in a way that we can look at them anytime we want. A laptop or photo album is not a great option, because well, it is tiring and a tedious process. But there is one thing that you can do- get a digital photo album. Choose your favourite pictures and put them in a digital photo album( which is like an iPad that displays all the images you put in there). You can keep the device in your bedroom or main room and watch the images whenever you feel like it.

4. A memory box

There are a lot of things that we come back with, like candles or small spice packets and other souvenirs. Now, we don’t always have a place to put them and creating a scrapbook can be a tedious job. Thus, if you don’t want to deal with that, create a memory box. It is simple, find a wooden or any box that you like, and put all your memories of a place in it. Label it and keep it in your closet. You can choose to do whatever you wish to with the things later.

5. Create and collaborate on a photo album

If you travelled with friends and family, use an app like Mixbook to collaborate on a photo album. Choose what photos you want to put in an album or so, and invite others to edit them. Everyone can put a design or edit the image as they want and even add the pictures that they took. It gives you a chance to see many versions of the same story. Then keep the changes that you want and decide on the design and quality (paperback or leather and so on). You can also return the item if it is not as per your taste without paying extra.

6. Create a video

You can create a video which has all the best images and videos that you captured. It will be like having a single place for all your memories. It is also easier to watch, instead of scrolling through thousands of images.

Images and videos are the best souvenirs from your travels. They help you reminisce about the best days of your life, and you should keep them safe, but not in your laptops. These hacks will make you use your travel memories in the best manner possible.

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