I Just can’t Stop Purchasing Common Scary Sport, Resident Evil 4

Leon looks at a crowd of attack villagers holding pitchforks and torches.

Picture: Capcom

Back again in 2005, when I was younger, Resident Evil 4 appeared so awesome. Then I identified out that it would only be launched on the Nintendo Gamecube, which I did not very own. My dreams had been shattered simply because I was a dumb child and did not notice that just one day it would appear to much more consoles. Considering the fact that that unhappy second in my daily life, RE4 has been released on almost every single platform probable. And every time a new port is unveiled, I simply cannot halt myself from getting it again and yet again.

(This put up was originally revealed on January 19, 2019. It is been up to date to contain a lot more information and facts on the new port and impending remake.)

Resident Evil 4 is a extremely great survival horror activity. It stars Resident Evil veteran Leon Kennedy on a mission to preserve the President’s daughter after she is captured by a bizarre cult hiding out in a non-precise portion of Japanese Europe. This frightening sport is just one of the best at any time made and it is grow to be one particular of the most well-known horror video games of all time, endlessly showing up on numerous lists of the finest frightening game titles to perform in October.

At the time of its release, it was a major offer. It shook up the Resident Evil franchise, ditching the static digicam and tank controls of the older video games for an impressive guiding-the-shoulder view that assisted make the motion experience much more exciting and in-your-deal with. The recreation ended up reviving the Resident Evil franchise and increasing its fanbase. And as just one of my beloved video games of all time, I simply cannot halt shopping for and taking part in all the ports Capcom pumps out to appease the seemingly hardly ever-ending need surrounding RE4.

For example, when it was declared in 2018 that RE4 was coming to the Switch, I keep in mind having seriously energized. I could have even pumped my fist in the air upon reading the information. Then I had a minute of realization. Was I really cheering the information that a video game I have purchased a lot of periods in advance of and completed many occasions in the previous was finding ported yet once again? What was mistaken with me, I questioned to myself immediately after obtaining thrilled about the Swap port. Nonetheless, contemplating that Capcom keeps releasing the superb Resident Evil 4 on every single new console capable of functioning it, it would seem I’m not on your own in my Resident Evil 4 obsession. So basically, the issue is: What’s wrong with all of us?

When it was declared last year that Resident Evil 4 would be ported to the Meta Quest 2, I right away opened up Amazon and purchased the VR headset. I had currently been considering about getting it, but the information of a new RE4 port pushed me above the edge. I entered some form of fugue state and just before I knew it I had purchased a VR headset. Thankfully for me, that latest port ended up being awesome and it could possibly be the greatest way to enjoy the video game, assuming you have the room and tummy for virtual fact.

As of Oct 2022, I presently personal Resident Evil 4 on (deep breath…): Xbox 360, Xbox 1, PS4, PS2, Wii, Computer system, and Meta Quest. I even played that dreadful Android port that no one remembers. Did you know that RE4 was launched on a console named the Zeebo? This console was only accessible in Mexico & Brazil and I expended way much too a great deal time really making an attempt to invest in one particular. I ask all over again, what’s erroneous with me?

Capcom / ZeePlay

It’s tricky for me to get fatigued of Resident Evil 4. It has the best opening section, wonderful pacing, the Autumn-like ambiance that can make it perfect for participating in all around Halloween, and powerful action all blend to develop a little something that I still cannot get around just about 20 a long time following its release.

A person reason I keep coming back and playing each and every new port is that they often change the experience in many ways. For illustration, on the Wii, you use movement controls to goal, and it’s basically an efficient and enjoyable way to play. In the meantime, the more recent console ports enhanced the game’s general performance and controls. And the VR version included a lot more interactivity with objects and weapons. None of these variations destroy or detract from what can make RE4 so excellent, but do give yet one more rationale to occur again and engage in just one additional time.

At this stage, I have built my peace with the point that I’ll never ever cease buying Resident Evil 4 in any and each individual kind that displays up. Sure, I’m thrilled about the newly introduced remake. Even worse, I’ll be there in 10 decades when that remake receives ported to some new era of consoles or VR headsets, ready to the moment once again help Leon Kennedy preserve the day and kill some Las Plagas. Yet again. (Again.)


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