How Viserys’ Iron Throne cuts predicted his destiny in House of the Dragon



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War is looming in House of the Dragon, and King Viserys Targaryen is performing everything he can to continue to keep the kingdom of Westeros collectively amid escalating tensions among his spouse, Alicent Hightower, and his daughter and heir, Rhaenyra Targaryen. But one particular of the greatest threats to Viserys’ reign has mainly played out in the background — until finally now.

[Ed. note: The following contains spoilers for House of the Dragon and Fire & Blood.]

In the sequence premiere, we learn that Viserys has a smaller wound on his again from sitting down on the Iron Throne. As the maesters tending to Viserys be aware, the slice mysteriously refuses to mend. In actuality, it’s spreading. Viserys gets a next slash from the throne in the exact episode, which in the same way gets to be contaminated and sales opportunities to the amputation of two of his fingers. In the yrs considering the fact that, Viserys’ health has only worsened, with the fifth episode exhibiting him coughing up blood and ultimately collapsing at the (currently pretty eventful) wedding feast.

There are a ton of factors plaguing Viserys at this level that could be contributing to this switch for the worse — his old age, the pressure more than Daemon and Rhaenyra’s partnership, and the panic of war if Rhaenyra continues to be his heir. But Viserys’ health and fitness problems all began with a nick possible no larger sized than a paper cut.

The rationale Viserys’ wounds never ever healed is additional symbolic than nearly anything as regime as bacterial infection. The importance of getting minimize by the Iron Throne really has deep roots in Targaryen record and Match of Thrones lore, relationship all the way again to the throne’s development.

What does it imply to be reduce by the Iron Throne?

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Viserys’ ancestor Aegon I Targaryen constructed the Iron Throne out of a thousand broken blades he had taken from his enemies. The “ironwork monstrosity,” as George R.R. Martin referred to it in Video game of Thrones, was designed with the intention of creating excessive irritation. “A king should really hardly ever sit simple,” Aegon the Conqueror stated in the first A Music of Ice and Hearth ebook.

Aegon’s son Aenys succeeded his father, but was ultimately killed by his brother, the usurper Maegor Targaryen. Six several years into Maegor’s infamously cruel reign, his nephew Jaehaerys Targaryen raised banners against him. Soon after pretty several properties arrived to Maegor’s aid, he chose to devote the night time brooding by itself on the Iron Throne. The up coming early morning, one of Maegor’s several wives, Elinor, observed him useless in the seat with a person of the throne’s blades impaled by his neck and his forearms slashed open by quite a few other spikes.

There are many theories about Maegor’s demise, which includes that he took his have existence or that Elinor murdered him. But quite a few imagine that the Iron Throne itself is what killed Maegor. This is what originated the well known superstition that the throne chooses who is worthy or not of ruling Westeros, and that those people who are deemed undeserving put up with injuries by its blades.

Does absolutely everyone who receives slice on the Iron Throne die?

The Mad King Aerys Targaryen sits on the Iron Throne in Game of Thrones season 6.

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No — or at the very least not as a immediate final result of their wounds.

Maegor and Viserys are not the only two men and women to have been cut by the Iron Throne. Daenerys Targaryen’s paranoid father Aerys II Targaryen was frequently acknowledged as The Mad King, but for the reason that he minimize himself so frequently on the Iron Throne he was also dubbed King Scab. However, the Mad King wasn’t uncovered lifeless on the throne nor of an infection from a single of his quite a few cuts. Relatively, his death arrived at the end of Jaime Lannister’s sword.

So, though staying slash by the Iron Throne might symbolize the unworthiness of a king or queen, the Iron Throne isn’t a supernatural judge, jury, and executioner that disposes of the ruler by itself. That getting said, anybody who sits on the throne is currently at a higher than regular chance of demise. If they’re on the throne and not a fit ruler, all those odds go up exponentially.

What does Viserys staying lower by the Iron Throne necessarily mean?

Viserys stands in front of the Iron Throne holding the hilt of his sword in House of the Dragon.

Image: HBO

It does not consider Viserys currently being slash by the Iron Throne to make it obvious he isn’t a good king. Having ascended throughout tranquil moments, Viserys is pushed by a drive to be sure to and prefers to keep away from difficulties fairly than confront them head on, such as his dismissal of the danger the Crabfeeder and Triarchy pose. When Viserys does make bold selections — like naming Rhaenyra as his successor or choosing to wed Alicent — these choices only sow more dissent in opposition to him.

Viserys’ very first reduce from the Iron Throne happened at an unknown time, but the timing of his next personal injury is of distinct importance, coming immediately next his decision to remove Daemon from the line of succession. This ruling is one of the vital decisions that finally sales opportunities to the first Targaryen civil war, which would seem to be rapidly approaching now that the Westeros noble properties have begun picking sides in the fight for succession amongst Rhaenyra and Aegon, Alicent’s son.

The 2nd cut could be a sign that Viserys’ bad judgment will only guide to wreck — for himself, his relatives, and his kingdom. It could also just be an additional way to boost what Daemon instructed his brother — that Viserys is a weak king who isn’t up to bearing the load of his own power. Both way, they have been a incredibly poor omen for Viserys’ long term.

Viserys has already misplaced two fingers from his cuts from the Iron Throne. Only time will explain to the correct price he’ll pay for his failings as king, and when destiny will acquire its due.

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