How to use a keyboard and mouse on Steam Deck



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The Steam Deck is an exceptionally multipurpose piece of components, equipped to perform hundreds of Laptop online games in the palm of your hand and several other people by means of emulation or with a bit of tweaking. Its desktop mode lets you use it as a Linux or Home windows-primarily based Laptop. Nevertheless, a person of the Steam Deck’s couple weaknesses is how clunky the on-display screen keyboard is to use. Thankfully, there are two easy approaches to established up a keyboard and mouse to function on the Deck, sidestepping the challenge altogether. Here’s how to do it.

Use a USB Hub or the Official Steam Deck Dock

Prior to the current start of the official Steam Deck Dock, your finest bet for straight connecting a keyboard and mouse to your Deck was by means of a USB hub. You can discover all sorts of these on Amazon, Newegg, and other technology vendors, and integrating them into your set up is uncomplicated. Simply hook up all your cabled units — keyboard, mouse, Ethernet, even HDMI and DisplayPort — to the hub, then use the hub’s USB-C wire to hook up it to the Deck.

If you’ve set up anything appropriately, which is to say, every little thing is plugged in you should really have no difficulty making use of your related devices in Desktop mode. This system must work for the two wired and wireless units. The main limitation is you are going to require a 2nd keyboard/mouse combo if you want to use your Deck along with a conventional Computer system set up.

The Steam Deck Dock follows the similar guidelines explained higher than, and though Valve built it precisely for the Deck, it’s usable as a common hub, even if it is a minor uncomfortable.

Use Barrier

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Barrier is a helpful piece of software program that makes it possible for you to seamlessly use one keyboard and mouse for your Steam Deck and major Computer system. Location it up can be a minor finicky, but it operates like a dream at the time configured.

Commence by heading to the Barrier GitHub site and downloading the app to your laptop. On your Deck, load Desktop mode and find Barrier in the Discovery application shop. At the time you have Barrier installed on your Personal computer and your Deck, open both equally. Install Bonjour when prompted, and be sure to stop Barrier from working (pointed out at the bottom appropriate of the menu). Do this for both of those circumstances.

With Barrier introduced on equally techniques, seem at the application. Your major Laptop with the keyboard and mouse linked will need to be the Server, the best menu choice in Barrier. Acquire take note of the IP address mentioned in just the application. You will require it in a minute. Make positive you have “Configure interactively” selected, then go into the Configure Server menu.

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Simply click and drag the monitor graphic at the prime proper of the menu down onto the grid based on the place the Deck will be as opposed to your Computer system. If your Deck will be over and to the left of the main personal computer, area the check symbol in the top still left area of the grid with your Desktop in the heart. Rename the new icon to “steamdeck,” your Deck’s default machine title inside Barrier.

Following, go to the Barrier dropdown menu in the leading right of the app and choose Transform Configurations. You can depart every little thing on this display screen alone other than for 1 minor button: Enable SSL. In all our testing, disabling this selection on the two your key Laptop and the Steam Deck would make all the things a lot easier.

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Now it’s time to configure the Deck side of Barrier. In Desktop method with Barrier open up, decide on the Shopper check out box, then deselect Car config. Enter the IP tackle demonstrated on your PC’s variation of Barrier, then go into Transform Options on the Deck and deselect Empower SSL once more. You are going to have to have to do both equally techniques each and every time you launch Barrier.

After almost everything is set up, run Barrier on your Personal computer, then your Steam Deck. Almost everything is working if you can just take your PC’s mouse off your key watch and onto your Deck’s Desktop. The changeover is based on where by you placed your Deck in the Configure Server display, so if your Deck is earlier mentioned the Laptop, the changeover will be at the prime of your watch.

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