How to unlock the Underbarrel Stun Gun attachment and new Prophet skin in Phone of Duty: Mobile



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Connect with of Responsibility: Mobile’s following seasonal update, Zombies are Back again, is in this article. Aside from the return of the common Zombie manner, two new problems are now dwell in the recreation. A person is a Featured Challenge that offers gamers the prospect to make Prophet – Portray Roses Pink operator, and the other is a Season Obstacle that offers players the possibility to get paid the Underbarrel Stun Gun attachment for the Pharo SMG.

Featured Problem – No Brainer

Featured Challenges in Get in touch with of Obligation: Cell benefits gamers with points as they comprehensive missions. As factors accumulate, players will unlock rewards as they cross specified place milestones. As this year sees the return of the traditional zombie method, most of the missions in this obstacle require taking part in zombie manner and killing zombies.


Engage in 1 Zombies Typical match – 10x factors

Participate in 3 Zombies Vintage matches – 15x details

Kill 30 enemies in Zombies Common matches – 10x points

Get rid of 60 enemies in Zombies Traditional matches – 15x points

Kill 90 enemies in Zombies Classic matches – 10x factors

Get rid of 5 enemies with melee weapons in Zombies Typical matches – 10x points

Deal 750 damage in Zombies Basic matches – 15x points

Offer 1500 injury in Zombie Traditional matches – 20x factors

Acquire 1 Zombies Vintage match – 10x factors

Gain 3 Zombies Common matches OR Staff up with friends to participate in 2 Zombies Vintage matches – 20x factors


60 points: 150 Credits

70 factors: Form 25 – Portray Roses Pink

80 factors: Bronze Crate Coupon

100 details: Pharo – Painting Roses Purple

120 points – Prophet – Portray Roses Red

Seasonal Obstacle – Fun in the Stun

Seasonal Issues in Simply call of Duty: Method jobs players with completing set missions to progress. Just about every completed mission gives players a reward and commences the future mission. Compared with in Showcased Problems, missions have to be done in the proper buy to development. This individual challenge is far more targeted on the player’s capacity when taking part in Multiplayer manner.

Perform 2 MP matches OR get 1 MP match: 200x Credits and 1000x Struggle Pass XP

Offer 1000 problems in MP matches: Double Rank XP Card and 1000x Struggle Pass XP

Destroy 20 enemies with SMGs: Beachside Board body and 2000x Battle Move XP

Eliminate 10 enemies at minimum 10 meters absent with the Pharo SMG: QQ9 – Anime Kitty and 2000x Battle Pass XP

Eliminate 10 enemies with the Pharo SMG and the Toughness Perk equipped in MP matches: Neko Token and Cranium Vertebrae charm

Acquire 3 MP matches with the Pharo SMG equipped: Underbarrel Stun Gun and 3500x Fight Move XP

Kill 5 enemies with a Pharo SMG equipped with the Underbarrel Stun Gun OR Participate in 5 MP matches: Silver Crate Coupon and 4500x Battle Go XP

It should be pointed out that the Underbarrel Stun Gun is an unique attachment for the Pharo SMG. Hence, it cannot be used with any other weapon. 

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