How to total all deeds in Sea of Intruders: The Siren’s Prize



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Earning both equally benefits from The Siren’s Prize in Sea of Thieves calls for you to total not only the Experience but also all eight of its Deeds as effectively. You will mechanically finish 5 of them as component of the activity, but the remaining a few will get some further carrying out: specifically the selection of Tablet merchandise in every single of the Shrines you are going to pay a visit to. This guidebook will deal with all 8 of the Deeds you have to have to accomplish to receive the Warrior of the Ancient’s Title.

All Deeds in The Siren’s Prize

The Siren’s Prize is an substantial action, and though it will not take you to the ends of the ocean to entire, you will shell out at least a few hours uncovering all the techniques of the Shrines.

Initial Deed in The Siren’s Prize: Look into Plunder Valley.

When you initially load into Sea of Burglars, exit the tavern and talk to Larinna. The selection to start off the Experience will be at the base of her dialog box. Find “I want to examine out what is happening at Plunder Valley!” Then, sail to the island’s northeastern shore and converse to Belle there.

Second Deed in The Siren’s Prize: Discover the Desires of the Ancients in the Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune

Head northwest of Plunder Valley to reach the glowing purple mask indicating the Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune. Finish most of it to receive the compact chest item containing the Dreams of the Ancients, then return it to the Historic Priest to entire this Deed. Take note that you should give the Priest the Ancient artifact in the Shrine where by you discovered it. It are not able to be turned in at other Shrines.

Third Deed in The Siren’s Prize: Find the Eyes of the Ancients in the Shrine of Historical Tears

You are going to comprehensive most of this Shrine to come across the Eyes of the Ancients coffer item, which you must give to the Historical Priest in the Shrine. Do so to comprehensive this Deed.

Fourth Deed in The Siren’s Prize: Locate the Voice of the Ancients in the Shrine of Tribute

Southwest of Plunder Valley lies the Shrine of Tribute. As with the 2nd and 3rd Deeds, comprehensive the Shrine to uncover the place of the box item containing the Voice and give it to the Historic Priest there.

Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Deeds in The Siren’s Prize: Study Tablets in the Shrines

Hidden in each of the Shrines are fifteen whole Tablets you need to have to obtain and study absolutely to achieve the fifth, sixth, and seventh Deeds. In this article is our guide on the issue:

Eighth Deed in the Siren’s Prize: Complete the Ritual at Plunder Valley

With all the Ancient things shipped, head back again to Belle on Plunder Valley and discuss with her. Find “We discovered all the treasures!”, then wait around for her to complete speaking, then talk to her again. Find “I’m prepared. Let’s start off the ritual!” at the bottom of her dialog box. Be cautious not to unintentionally click on on Replay Chapter, as you are going to have to do all the things more than again.

At the time the ritual commences, head to the major of Plunder Valley and battle off the Reaper Phantoms until the Soulflame Captain seems. Defeating him is the final problem, and he’s pretty the combat, with plenty of HP and injury likely. Acquire him down, nevertheless, and the Historical Priest will discuss with you 1 last time, and you will be completed with The Siren’s Prize.

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