How to Self Access the Class 10 Board Exam Preparation

Before sitting for the board exam, students must evaluate their exam preparation. Doing this will help in understanding their current situation and let them know how much they are ready to face the board exam. Now, the question that comes in mind is from where or how to access the preparation level. The answer is very simple, solve previous years question papers or sample papers and then check the answers. Many times, students do not find the solved question paper or sample papers. In case they find the solved papers, then the answers provided in them are not explained properly. Due to which students could not clear their doubts. So, to help them here, we have mentioned the correct method, following which they will be able to self assess their exam preparation. Also, students will get to know the way by which an answer to be expressed in the exam to gain full marks. 

Marking Scheme a Good Resource for Self Evaluation for 10th Board Preparation

The evaluation process is a powerful means of influencing the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom. It also provides constant feedback on evaluation procedures. So, to make the evaluation process more transparent, CBSE officially releases the marking scheme for board exams. CBSE Marking Scheme is the answer key which contains the detailed answers to all the questions of the board paper along with the step marking. Every year the CBSE releases the answers of the board exam. These answers are made available on the official website of CBSE a few days after the declaration of the board result. The marking is released for all the subjects for which the board exam is conducted.  

The Objective of Publishing the CBSE Marking Scheme

CBSE has started the practice of publishing the Marking Schemes for the self-evaluation CBSE Board 10th Class with two objectives as mentioned below:

  1. To make the system more transparent.
  2. To ensure high degree of reliability in scoring procedure.

Many questions arise in students’ minds who appear for the 10th board exam. Few of them are:

  • Who are the makers of answer scripts? 
  • How do they mark the answer scripts? 
  • How can it be ensured that marking is fair, objective and reliable? 

CBSE has a well-defined process for answer scripts marking. The TGTs teachers who are in direct touch with the subject and have a minimum of 3 years experience of teaching the subject are assigned for class 10 answer script marking. Markers examine scripts with the help of detailed guidelines called the ‘Marking Schemes’. Marking scheme is a tool through which CBSE tries to ensure objective and fair marking. The Marking scheme goes through supervisory checks and counter-checks before getting live on the official CBSE website. 

How to Use the Marking Scheme for Board Exam Preparation

Once students are done with solving the previous years’ question papers, then they should check their answer sheet by comparing the answers provided in the marking scheme by the board. Thus, in this way, they will self evaluate their exam preparation. 

Here are a few tips which will help students in utilizing the answers provided in the marking scheme.

  • Read the question paper carefully and analyze the question paper design. Access how many questions are of higher difficulty level, moderate and easy level. 
  • Examine a question in reference to the Marking Scheme and go through the answers suggested in the Marking Scheme. 
  • Refer to the ‘Marking Scheme’ for each question, with reference to steps into which answers and marks have been divided. 
  • Study each question carefully, comprehend them and write down the main points of the answer and note down their difficulties for clarification.

We hope after reading this article, students have got to know how to self evaluate their exam preparation by using answers provided in the marking scheme by the board. Now, they will not waste their time in searching the answers for the previous years class 10 board paper. Keep practising and all the best for board exam preparation. 

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