How to Put a Torch in Your Still left Hand in Minecraft



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At any time surprise how to set a torch in your still left hand whilst even now mining with a pickaxe in your major hand?

This audio easy at initial, but is it really that handy? Let’s uncover out!

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To put a torch in your remaining hand in Minecraft, you have to go the torch to the off-hand slot in your inventory GUI or hover on the torch item and press “F” on your keyboard, assuming you haven’t adjusted any of the control settings.

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How to Set a Torch in Your Left Hand in Minecraft

This motion is only offered in the Java Edition of Minecraft. In Bedrock and Instruction Version, you can’t place a torch in your still left hand, no make a difference what you do.

If you engage in JE, let us see how to do this!

  1. Manually move the torch into the off-hand slot

In the match, press E to open your stock. You will discover on the base right aspect of your character is a slot with the shield placeholder icon.

If you never see this slot, examine your Minecraft model because this aspect is only available for Minecraft 1.9 and later variations.

Use your mouse and remaining-click on the torch to go it, then drag it over the new slot earlier mentioned and remaining-simply click yet again to launch a torch there.

You have efficiently place a torch in your left hand!

Push E all over again to near your stock. Now you can see the torch show up on the remaining hand!

Do be aware that there is a primary hand possibility in the Skin Customization menu that permits you to change your principal hand to remaining (the default is ideal), so a different way to put torches in your left hand is to change this setting, then maintain a torch generally in your incredibly hot bar.

  1. Use hotkey to shift a torch to your remaining hand

By default, you can press the F important on your keyboard to swiftly swap the merchandise in your principal hand (ideal hand) to your off-hand (still left hand).

With that staying explained, basically put a torch in your sizzling bar, pick out it with the appropriate number, and push F.

You can also use this hotkey in the inventory GUI. When you are hovering on any product in your stock and push F, that particular item and the item in your left hand will switch spot.

If your remaining hand is vacant, the torch will be moved to the off-hand slot.

Frequently Questioned Queries

Can you hold torches in your still left hand in Minecraft Bedrock?

Perhaps you missed this, but you can’t maintain torches in your remaining hand in Minecraft BE. You can only hold a shield, totem of timeless, map, arrows, and firework rockets in Bedrock.

How do you use your remaining hand to location a torch in Minecraft?

Although the torch is in your still left hand, you can ideal-click on on any block to spot the torch. Assuming your suitable-hand hold unusable objects. For illustration, if your right hand retains a pickaxe, you can simply suitable-simply click to spot a torch on your left hand.

Which is how to put a torch in your left hand in Minecraft!

You can also test putting other merchandise in your still left hand for faster action, saving much more time executing jobs in Minecraft!

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