How To Do Small Bathroom Renovations Economically?

Today I will give you several ideas to give a facelift to your bathroom in a very economic way. Of course, the first premise is that you have to be very handsome because everything you are going to have to do yourself.

1. Decorate with different complements:

A bigger mirror better, if you ask a glass to measure, you will see that it is really economic. Put a few candles, some baskets to store things to give it an orderly appearance. Also if if you have a painting that can give a special touch, so do not hesitate to use it.

2. Paint the tiles:

This will clean the entire surface to be painted with soap and water to remove any dirt. Then apply a layer of a fixing bottom, first in the joints and later in the rest with a roll of short hair. With this product you will get the paint to adhere better to the ceramic surface of the tiles. After this it is time for drying Depending on each manufacturer you can give a layer of special paint for tiles that is a product for great resistance, of the color that you want. You can let it dry the indicated time and give another second hand.

3. Lacquer bathroom furniture or sanitary paint:

If you have a wooden furniture you can give a good coat of lacquer paint your favorite color. You will have to sand it beforehand and then paint. If it’s melamine, it’s better to stick a vinyl on it than paint. If you have a pedestal sink, you know that there are paintings to paint ceramics. And yes, make sure the bathroom is well ventilated when you paint and it is very advisable also the use of mask, since we are talking about very toxic products.

4. Soil and / or vinyl siding:

f you do not feel like painting the tiles you can stick a vinyl siding. I personally like only for the floor that could match the taste of colors. To place it on the floor begins to put the slats or tiles from the center of the room and leave the ends for the end. Because it will be more aesthetic. The placement will depend on your taste that can be perpendicular to the door, parallel, spike, etc. Since it is a self-adhesive material, you just have to clean the base tile well and stick it.

These tips have been consolidated by the experts at sydney bathroom renovations.

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