How To Clean Your Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth

How often do you clean your glasses? Even if you don’t want to, you have to clean them. It can be annoying when the weather outside can’t be any better, but all you can see is dirt on your lens. It works as a reminder that you got to clean those glasses. Moreover, maintaining the shine and quality of the lenses is a big deal. Carelessly cleaning it with a random cloth such as the shirt you are wearing might leave scratches on the lens. Therefore, it is crucial to use a micro-fiber eyeglass cleaning cloth not used for anything else. Remember to clean the cloth once in a while, as dirty fiber can very soon ruin the lens. It will also let you use one cloth again and again. Or have you been throwing the clothes after one use and get a new one? If yes, here’s how you can wash your cloth and reuse it. 

Eyeglass cleaning cloths are mostly made of micro-fiber, which is easy to clean. After a while, the dirt becomes visible, and it might even re-grease your lenses. It is meant to rub off all the dirt and dust; however, it might do the reverse job if the cloth is dirty. To avoid unwelcomed inconvenience, you can follow some easy ways to clean it. 

  • Without Water

Sometimes you might not even need to use much of your brains and simply shake out the dust and dirt. The cleaning cloth made of micro-fiber does not absorb dirt easily, and if it hasn’t been used for long, the dirt can shake out easily. 

  • Wash Using Hands

After long use, it might get necessary to wash your cloth using cloth water. It does not take much effort to clean the cloth with water and soap. Only remember that the soap you are using should be mild, bleach-free, and free of fabric softener. Add a few drops of soap in cold water and soak the cloth in the soap for a few minutes. Then rinse it in cold water. 

  • Keep an Eyeglass Pouch

An effective way to keep the eyeglass cleaning cloth free of dirt for long is to use an eyeglass pouch. A pouch is an effective method to store your glasses, as well as the cloth safe from dust and fat. You can prevent washing the cloth for a longer time by storing it in the eyeglass pouch. The optical stores offer eyeglass pouch wholesale, where you can buy them easily. 

  • Wash in Washing Machine

You can use a bleach-free detergent that does not have any fabric softener. Wash the cloth in a washing machine and let it air dry when finished. 

Washing the cleaning cloth after a regular interval of time will allow you to reuse it. If you are worried about ruining the cloth’s fabric after so many washes, you can use a high-quality eyeglass cleaning cloth. Washing it multiple times will be necessary because cleaning with water and soap opens the pores in the fabric, and the gaps attract more dust. Wash the cloth regularly to avoid the cycle. 

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