How Long Should You Stay in Rehab?



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You have decided to go to rehab. It is time to change and lead a healthier life. However, your biggest question is how long you will stay in the facility. Perhaps it is because you do not want to leave your family unattended for a long time. Notably, there is no one-dimensional answer to how long you can stay in the rehab center. The following insights will help decide the best option from the three most common ones: 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day programs.

The 30-Day Program

A 30-day program takes approximately 28 to 30 days to complete. However, practically, this program could last for between three and six months, depending on the care you need. This time is suitable for subtle addictions and people who prefer faster turn-around times. Notably, it aims at striking a balance between long-term residential treatment and brief intensive care.

Different facilities incorporate different components into their programs. However, most of them will embrace a blend of medical care and behavioral therapy. You’ll also be sure of the 12-step meetings, aiming to help those with substance-use disorders.

During this period, you’ll undergo detox, where professionals guide you and ensure that the body goes through the withdrawal process. Medications could also be considered to help ease the symptoms of withdrawal.

Click here to learn more about a 30-day program, which is an excellent choice for people who want to return to work soon. It is also suitable for anyone who wants to spend the shortest time away from family. You’ll rely on it to develop better relapse prevention skills, handle co-occurring issues, create a recovery plan, and identify and address underlying issues.

60-Day Program

You could consider staying at the rehab for approximately 60 days. This option assures you much better results than what you get from the 30-day option. It is designed for mild to severe addiction issues. Its efficacy levels make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for value for money. It ensures that the patient gets more time and support, recovering much more efficiently.

A 60-day program is suitable for handling hard drugs and alcohol. This period allows you to undergo a full detox, eliminating toxins from your body. You will also be sure of multiple therapies which will help the patient avoid relapses. For instance, you could consider cognitive behavioral therapy and therapeutic rehabilitation.

This program is designed to help you change your behavior. It focuses on strategies that will help you avoid triggers and drug abuse. It fosters behaviors that will help keep you safe and sober for a long time.

Most insurance plans will not cover this program. However, various rehab facilities provide you with multiple payment plans, making it easier to cover the rehabilitation cost in the long run.

90-Day Period

The 90-day program is the ultimate option, offering you enhanced satisfaction and unmatched results. While this period might seem overwhelming, it assures you of intensive care and enhanced support. This period is long enough to protect you from relapses.

Usually, 90 days will be enough o go through all the counseling sessions, family therapy, individualized therapy sessions, and medical care. You’ll have various professionals to help you through the process. Such quality care will ensure that you develop better relapse prevention skills and an understanding of addiction.

The 90-day period is costly, and it keeps you away from your family for a long time. Yet, its effectiveness will assure you of value for money. You could consider the multiple payment plans these facilities offer to help offset your bill.

In conclusion, you have multiple options when choosing the period for rehab. The options mentioned above allow you to pick one that suits personal preferences.

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