How Different Occasions Affect The Choice Of Watch

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Heirloom watches may not be fashionable or used as primary timekeepers but they serve a wonderful purpose. Today, timepieces are worn in respect to occasions. If you didn’t know, Marc Jacob watches are designed for particular reasons. If you are a fashion-forward person you should know the rules of matching a watch with the formality of an event

  • Casual event

Any timepiece with a metal band is not formal. Metallic banded wristwatches are thus suitable for casual occasions to match less formal attires. Unlike leather band which is good for both casual and formal wears, metal band projects informality. So, such casual timepieces can be worn with jeans, dress boots, and chambray shirt, for instance. There are a lot of digital Marc Jacobs baker watches for matching casual attires such as workout clothes. 

  • Business casual

Business casual events include but not limited to office parties. In most instances, men are seen in light colored suits without a tie. Such outfits go well with smart field, pilot or chrono watches. 

  • Black tie event

This is a strictly formal occasion such as a cocktail party, black tie wedding, or an official inauguration. The main idea for dressing should be keeping it simple and elegant. So, classic Marc Jacobs’s ladies watches with leather bands are perfect pieces to complement formal dresses. Black leather would be an ideal choice for maintaining a muted silhouette. 

  • Business meetings

During official gatherings, it would be best to go for an elegant golden or silver watch such as one with a slim dial and non-complicated function. A conservative suit is great for business meetings and would look great if complemented with a dress watch. A diver watch is another go-to option for such events.

  • Sports

Sporting activities are rigorous as they involve a lot of movements. Wearing a dress watch would be downright inappropriate. The right choice should be a well-protected case and secured strap. This design enables the wearer to focus on the sport without worrying about snapping or shattering of the face.

Marc Jacobs watches for women offer solutions to any type of occasion. 

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