Household of the Dragon’s twins have names just about as similar as their appearances



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Episode 9 of Dwelling of the Dragon, “The Eco-friendly Council,” is perhaps the most explosive episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel collection however. The regular court intrigue the display has created its bones on has ongoing, but following the extraordinary occasions of episode 8, “The Lord of the Tides,” the drama in Westeros is unfurling at a quickening speed.

You may also feel you are viewing double. But really don’t touch that dial or set down your Negroni sbagliato people two handsome bearded guys are twin brothers. Both equally are associates of the Kingsguard, and both equally have ill facial hair and a general air of “having it collectively.” And they are twins who are named Arryk and Erryk.


[Ed. note: This post contains spoilers for episode 9 of House of the Dragon.]

Eve Best, wearing formal clothes with her hair up, stands in front of open curtains in House of the Dragon.

Picture: Ollie Upton/HBO

The two brothers invest a fantastic chunk of the episode trying to monitor down Aegon, who has disappeared into the underbelly of the city just when his household requires him most — when he requires to get off his spoiled butt and be anointed king. Ser Erryk, the sworn protect of the then-Prince and now-King Aegon, complains to Ser Otto Hightower that he just can’t hold monitor of the youthful King-to-be because of how the youngster flaunts his ability to generate excuses to escape. When they eventually locate Aegon, they drag him out, only to be thwarted by Ser Criston Cole and Aegon’s brother Aemond, who acquire Aegon away to get credit rating for the obtain.

But something very interesting comes about in the meantime: Even though Ser Arryk duels Ser Criston (and loses), his brother Ser Erryk simply… watches and then nopes out of the entire continuing. Disgusted by the political machinations going on just after King Viserys’ loss of life, he sneaks Rhaenys Targaryen out of the castle, foremost to the episode’s explosive finale.

It is pretty, for lots of good reasons. Very first of all, twins are categorically enjoyment in cinema: They are a staple of the immediate-to-video clip action videos I appreciate, and these two men (played by real-daily life twins Elliott and Luke Tittensor, best known for their dual part as Carl Gallagher in the U.K.’s Shameless) would be a ideal suit buying and selling kicks with the likes of Scott Adkins.

But it is also thematically poignant. The whole episode focuses on a splintering kingdom and the disconnect in between the ruling course and the persons they purport to treatment for, and the fractures that come up when electricity vacuums surface (and who receives damage in the procedure). What much better illustration for that than twin brothers, torn aside by an impending war? It was a charming unit in a single of my most loved fantasy novels, Ken Liu’s The Grace of Kings, and I’m psyched to see in which Property of the Dragon will take it as well.

Olivia Cooke, wearing green, clasps her hands together in House of the Dragon.

Photo: Ollie Upton/HBO

It’s also a major enhance for a character whose Thrones Wiki entry was led by, at the time of this producing, the next trade:

Alicent: “Whatever it is, Ser Arryk, it’ll will need to hold out.”

Erryk: “I’m Erryk, Your Grace.”

I’d like to promptly direct this upcoming portion of the put up to the moms and dads of Arryk and Erryk. Cargylls – what on Earth were you imagining??? (George R.R. Martin, I presently know the naming shenanigans you’re up to.) How in the entire world did you yell at one particular and not the other, or praise one and not the other? Why did you set oneself in this bind???

I attained out to Polygon’s official father or mother of two, Matt Patches, for comment:

While I can see the positive aspects of summoning two twins by yelling a single vaguely very similar name from the other facet of the castle, this is a clever failure for any one else working with these goofs. Authentic “who’s on first” shit.

Ser Arryk and Erryk Cargyll, I salute you. But possibly feel about a nickname.

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