Hotel furniture – expert advice on choosing

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For some reason, it has always been believed that opening your own hotel is very easy. But no one even thinks about the fact that you need to purchase and arrange whole mountains of furniture. But the main problem is not in their quantity – but in quality. They must meet all the necessary criteria for comfort and coziness and at the same time have a favorable price for the owner. How can this be achieved? The specialists of the best furniture manufacturers have selected several tips that will help you choose hotel furniture.

Hotel furniture is special

Precisely, you should not confuse it with simple apartment furniture. It’s like comparing a Mercedes with a Soviet Cossack. The main point is that hotel furniture is created according to special parameters. It is designed with maximum functionality for long-term consumption. If you use consumer furniture in hotels and inns, then it will last only three or four years.

After the mentioned time, the fabric begins to rub, this also applies to the lacquer coating on the headboards of beds and chairs or tables. The color of the cabinets fades as simple furniture needs to be wiped down almost every day. Functionality is the main distinguishing characteristic of hotel furniture. A nondescript and small cabinet can have a whole range of different functions, pull-out shelves, a lot of hangers and even secret compartments.

Hoteliers who have been working for many years often use home furniture. It has more comfort than the hotel version, and this is where the benefits end. In this case, you need to clean the room every day, constantly monitor the coverage and other factors. But not every hotel owner wants to hire a cleaning lady or independently monitor the state of the furniture.

The most common mistake when choosing a furniture manufacturing company or buy the furniture that has the best visual characteristics. In fact, it turns out that it is absolutely not adapted to such frequent use and stress as hotel variations.

Specialized furniture is produced for hotels

Foreign management companies have long acquired several services that constantly develop parameters in order to determine the required quality of furniture for a particular hotel. Their magnifying glass covers not only the manufacturing factory, but also the materials used, their reliability, the dimensions of all elements, the technologies used in production.

Such services help not only to select furniture, but also to help arrange it. They argue that the main parameters of hotel furniture are the weight of the item, their number in the room, colors and ergonomics. Everything is selected individually to fully match the environment.

Hotel furniture manufacturers are known for providing very large and comfortable beds, which have lush feather beds. You can also personally choose the pillow you need and other hotel accessories from hotel accessories suppliers, it differs not only visually, but also in filler.

A few basic tips:

  • ·        All furniture must be durable;
  • ·        Have a good level of fire safety;
  • ·        Reliability and durability are the main parameters when choosing;
  • ·        Furniture must be environmentally friendly;
  • ·        Be visually attractive, but not defiant;

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