4 Practical At Home Work Out Plans For Women

Have you been struggling with gym routines since you had your third child? Obviously, the nap patterns of your baby don’t allow you to have a consistent workout program. Worse yet, do not have a reliable friend to take regular walks around your estate. 

This is a common scenario with stay-at-home moms with small babies who need to be breastfed. Until a child reaches about 8 months, regular exercise plans cannot be expected. Those who are breastfeeding are advised not to exercise too much as the baby takes up nutrients from her mother. Moderation is the right way to go for mothers raising kids, toddlers, and infants. Find out easy methods for fitting in at home workouts for women.

1. Quit making excuses about your children

You must not use your baby as an excuse for not staying physically fit. Actually, it is not fair to your child and you know it.

2. Understand that results take time

Maintaining an active, strong and slim body is not always easy. It entails dedication, hard work, and a lot of sacrifices. This is something you cannot expect to happen overnight. Your ultimate goal should be staying healthy for a lifetime rather than for the upcoming summer. So, exercising should be a continuous routine and part of your lifestyle. You don’t have to beat yourself up if you don’t regain the shape you had before giving birth. Give it time and reward yourself even for small accomplishments. Patient is key and do not compare yourself with fitness models. 

3. Acknowledge the challenges that lay ahead

An exercising mother is not one of the most fun people to watch. Good news is that after days and months of tough work, there comes a reward. You will be required to wake up earlier than anyone else so that you finish your sets and reps before the daily commotions begin. Working in the morning ensures that you start the day on a happy tone. Your children may not even understand why you work out but you have to find a way for them to be cooperative. Your husband and other people living with you need to understand too that you need support. And if they don’t help, you need to find a way out on your own.

4. Do not forget to rest

Given a chance, you would work out for endless hours in the gym. But that would not be effective because your body needs rest. Remember that you are not competing with anyone or aspiring to win a gold medal. So, give yourself a break sometimes and allow your muscles to recover. 

Did you know you can exercise with your child at home and not pay for a babysitter service? All you need is to apply the above tactics and fit in a workout program in your busy motherly schedule. Good luck being an example to others including your kids!

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