Home of the Dragon’s hilarious decapitation was a breath of refreshing air



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Sunday’s Property of the Dragon was a standout episode for HBO’s new Thrones exhibit, turning the dial of court intrigue all the way to 11. There was the common succession drama, outdated rivals struggling with off for the very first time in years, and an unexpectedly humorous decapitation.

You know, the common.

[Ed. note: Major spoilers follow for episode 8 of House of the Dragon.]

In the episode a petition has been referred to as for who will inherit Driftmark from Corlys Velaryon, who evidently experienced a awful wound in the Stepstones. This petition was structured by Queen Alicent and her father, Hand of the King Ser Otto Hightower, and fairly a number of probable heirs were completely ready to have their situation made.

One particular of all those heirs was Corlys’ youthful brother, Vaemond. Vaemond, played with scene-thieving depth by Wil Johnson, has a especially inflammatory circumstance, considering that it relies upon the illegitimacy of Princess Rhaenyra’s little ones, a hot-button topic for the clearly show and the court.

Vaemond, like others, was anticipating to make his circumstance just before Queen Alicent and Ser Otto. He did, but shortly after, King Viserys, sporting a unwell gold encounter mask, helps make a surprise overall look on the Iron Throne. When he promptly shuts down the proceedings, pointing out that this is a made a decision situation and he has already decreed Rhaenyra his heir (and her youngsters the heir to Driftmark), this enrages Vaemond.

Vaemond not only issues the king’s suitable to make these selections, he out-and-out phone calls Rhaenyra’s youngsters bastards and the princess herself a “whore.” Viserys responds, “I will have his tongue for that!” and, certain more than enough, his brother Daemon (now Rhaenyra’s consort, who had virtually begged Vaemond for the option to destroy him) lops off Vaemond’s head from driving.

Vaemond’s body collapses on the floor, and the digicam is angled in these a way that we see the open major of his now exposed neck gap — displaying his continue to-wagging tongue and not substantially else. Daemon, in typical wisecracking manner, retorts, “He can retain his tongue.”

It is a brutally hilarious action conquer that competently breaks the edge-of-your-seat tension of the scene with a visible punchline sandwiched by jokes in the dialogue. And the fact that the display was daring adequate to pair the decapitation with a punchline shot from the digital camera took it from vicious to transcendently funny. The male is wagging his tongue at the king and is lowered to only a wagging tongue. Which is gold, folks.

The humor of the minute is also considerably aided by Daemon’s full deal. Matt Smith is at his finest as an imp. We have noticed it in Residence of the Dragon, and we even observed it in Morbius when he dances in his apartment. Right here, he’s equipped to carry that energy to the darker planet of Thrones, goading a prospective enemy into saying just the ideal factor to enable him to dedicate murder devoid of any blowback, all with a wicked smile on his confront as he practically begs Vaemond to Go There. Thank the gods he did, mainly because it sent one of the most unforgettable moments of the show’s run therefore considerably.

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