Hokko Existence: How to Boost Backpack and Storage Capability



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With so quite a few things and crafting elements to accumulate, it truly is no shock you will want to raise your backpack and storage potential as soon as you can in Hokko Daily life. Slots are at a quality in the early going, and it is probable you are going to have to do some creative sorting and marketing to carry and store every thing you have to have.

This Hokko Existence guideline tells you how to improve your backpack carrying ability and how to construct storage chests to retain all around your residence. It will also promptly go in excess of how to dismantle merchandise if you need to have to split one thing down for much more house. 

How to Improve Backpack Carrying Ability

You begin with 16 backpack slots at first, which fill up quite speedily. To increase much more house, you may need to entire two Mayor Merits, very little challenges that unlock myriad various things in Hokko Life, like the fishing rod, the pickaxe enhance, and the means to demolish and shift houses.

The two you need to comprehensive listed here are discovered in the 1st subsection (the blue sub-tab with three people) of the Mayor Merits tab in your participant menu.


  • Backpack Upgrade 1: +8 slots. Make 5 Villager deliveries.
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  • Backpack Update 2: +8 slots. Make 10 deliveries, market any 50 objects, and access the Compact Wood.&#13

    • To access the Smaller Wooden, just take the path into the Woods from the Torii Gate in the northern part of the Village. When you load into the Woods, observe the route north, then east when it turns correct up the hill. Adhere to that path east, previous the fork and the grassy spot with the bench. Use the bomb to blow up the rocks at the stop of the path. 
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These Mayor Medal challenges will acquire a when to finish, as some Villager Deliveries can prove complicated or time-consuming. When all’s stated and done, you’ll have a whole of 32 slots in your backpack

How to Unlock the Fishing Bag

 You can also unlock a fishing bag to retail store your various Baits from your primary backpack inventory individually. Very first, unlock the a few distinct Fishing Baits beneath the Insects and Fish sub-group in the Mayor Merits tab. Then capture 10 unique fish and use bait 15 situations to get the fishing bag, which reveals to the remaining of your backpack inventory. 

How to Develop Storage Chests

As opposed to some other lifestyle-sims, Hokko Daily life won’t have a blueprint for chests, so you could be thinking how to keep things for afterwards in your dwelling. 

A person of the game’s critical components is creating furniture and exclusive items by yourself via the Design and style Desk, which is uncovered in the Workshop and Unlocks when constructing the basic bridge. 

As you participate in by way of Spring, make certain to discuss to the townsfolk for more Design and style Table requests. Inevitably, Niko will request for a Basic Cupboard, offering you the layout establish a single for 11 Picket Planks, and full their quest. Hokko Everyday living does not notify you, but the Cupboard is the only “genuine” storage chest in the video game. It has 24 slots.

You can certainly make your personal storage containers after you get through all of the Layout Table tutorials. Just choose the Blueprint icon at the desk, Significant Storage Item at the base of the listing that appears, and create inside the proportions for your personal unique box.

There are plenty of terrific tutorials on YouTube that showcase other players’ creations that may possibly give you a spark of inspiration. You can also take a look at the city to down load creations if you have other players’ shop code. 

It is worthy of noting that you can go storage objects devoid of emptying them initially.

How to Dismantle and Deconstruct Products

If you need crafting resources but don’t want to go out and supply them oneself, you may possibly want to crack down an product you might be not employing, these as a bookshelf or mattress. 

To split an merchandise into its first crafting components (e.g. Wood Planks, Stone, and so on.):


  • Choose the item up and location it in your backpack. 
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  • Interact with the Workbench in the Workshop
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  • Glance in the base middle for the “Dismantle” button (ex: Triangle on PlayStation)
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  • Pick out the merchandise
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  • Select how many to deconstruct.
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  • Push the button highlighted beneath the quantity you have picked to break down. 
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It is really hardly ever a lousy point to have more backpack room or storage potential. With all the farming and gathering you can do, owning extra slots would make Hokko Life‘s day-to-working day a lot far more workable. That’s not to point out you won’t have to stress about operating to Moss’ shop in the course of fishing tournaments — a huge top quality of lifetime upgrade — and choosing up relics on the island would not be this sort of a problem. For extra, head over to our Hokko Life guides hub.

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