Have a Sparkling Party Experience This Festive Season

No doubt, it is the season for cozy nights, twinkling lights, and to try some bubbling sparkling wine. What most of us may skip during the year is that elements like sparkling white wines are just meant for the Christmas and New Year celebrations. But they are actually something soothing and unique that can be enjoyed all around the year. Instead, if you plan some celebrations for the festive season nowadays, then here’s a cool idea for you. 

How about throwing a themed wine party just like the sweet sparkling wine. Sounds fantastic, right? If you consider this, then here are a few tips that might help you pitch the best sparkling wines in a fun, easy, and elegant way. So, let’s get started with planning the good bubbly time. 

#1 – Choose the Wines 

As wine is the main element for the party, you need to focus on picking a few signature varieties that encourage the guests to explore fresh and different styles at a time. For instance, you can add something to the list like Chianti Red Wine from Italy by Famiglia Farloni or a Prosecco Sparkling Wine from Italy by Pitars. Such variants can be something classic to enjoy in the evening and comes at an approachable price tag. 

Simultaneously, while planning for the quantity required for the party, make sure to buy enough. Usually, a signature bottle of wine serves around eight glasses. After all, it never hurts to buy a few extra bottles as you get to drink it further, too. 

#2 Prepare some crunchy bites 

Every party needs good food, but make sure that you don’t go overboard. The main goal lies in engaging with the guests and enjoying yourself throughout it. After all, no one would love to see spending the entire time in the kitchen. A pro tip to follow is to keep it quick and straightforward. Choose appetizers like Shrimp Toasts, Toasted Bread with Olive Oil, Garlic and Herbs, Roasted Fruit and Cheese Plate, Fruit and Nut Trail Mix, Smoked Mozzarella Spread with Flatbread Crackers, or Mushroom and Fontina Crostini. Luckily, you won’t believe that sparkling wine is one of the foods that can be easily paired up with most of the yummy appetizers. So, you don’t need to stress much on the flavor variances. Cheese and flatbread never fail with a glass of wine, and they are affordable too. 

#3 Choose the right glassware

Most individuals think that you always need a special glass for every wine type, but don’t worry much about it. While coupes and flutes are typically used for sweet sparkling wine, you can go with the standard wine glasses as well. If you don’t have that much number in stock of the same category, you can mix and match for more fun. However, if you want to keep it ideal enough, you can rush to the nearest store and pick some stemless rose flutes. 

#4 Don’t skip the decor

When it comes to the decor, then again, you can go plain and classy. For instance, you can add some silver and gold table confetti to the tables to add a shimmery pop. You also may as well keep up the wood American flag for the fourth of July, as it can add a sense of patriotism to the house. This is something cute that will definitely delight your guest list. Or else, you can bring some red roses or flowers into action. If possible, try to find out ice trays that can help you make some flower-shaped ice cubes and greet the guests unexpectedly and refreshingly. 

#5 Get ready to serve 

Another ingredient that brings a huge difference to the whole wine party after placing down the wine collection is the ICE. Remember to have many of it as bubbly sparkling wines don’t taste much good when they are warm. Go by putting a galvanized tub on the table and slide those bottles into it to set a style statement. 

Et voila, you are all set for a festive blast with the best sparkling wines on the table. So, what are you waiting for? Get on the prep, pop the corks, and share your lovely experiences with your loved ones. 



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