Harvestella aspects Shatolla, Heine and Emo, Mechanic and Woglinde jobs, more



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Sq. Enix has presented additional facts about Harvestella currently, masking features these types of as the summer months place Shatolla, figures Heine and Emo, Mechanic and Woglinde work, and additional. Alongside that, a new established of screenshots have been delivered.

Summer Location: Shatolla

Welcome to the seaside city of Shatolla.

A lot of of the inhabitants here support by themselves via fishing.

There is a huge tavern in the middle of city. Fishers who have finished a hard day’s function assemble below to drink and sing alongside one another.

Ever considering that the change in the Seaslight, giant bubbles have been showing up on the seas by Shatolla. Persons contact these the Summer months Bulla.

At the exact same time, a whispered rumor commences to unfold amongst the fishing neighborhood about the sea witch, Lorelei. They say her singing voice can drag ships to the base of the ocean.

In the tavern, a singer regarded as Emo tries to bring bravery and cheer to the fishers.

The diva of Shatolla needs to travel to the Seaslight for some motive. Although it does not seem to be like she can tell everyone why…

Your journey will just take you into the hazardous Coral Shrine!


Upcoming, make it possible for us to clearly show you a few of the people you will fulfill in Shatolla: Heine and Emo.


Heine is an inventor with an atelier in Shatolla. He’s a young guy who spends his times solely absorbed in producing innovations. Everyone treats him as a little bit of an eccentric.

A dandy and ladies’ gentleman, he’s speedy to start off flirting with gals.


Emo is the diva of the tavern in Shatolla.

She seems to have a relatively otherworldly air about her…

Journey: new jobs exposed

Work ascertain your weapon and talents in struggle. You can equip lots of various careers in Harvestella, this kind of as the previously uncovered Fighter, Mage, and Shadow Walker.

If you recruit a character with a certain work, the protagonist results in being in a position to use that task as effectively!

Right now, we’re likely to demonstrate you a few of new jobs you can use:


The Mechanic task is proficient at actual physical attacks and weakening enemies. It also allows you complete cost attacks.


This work that lets you wield magic by means of song to assistance your team. It also lets you conduct demand assaults.

Experience: Capabilities

Every position has its have exclusive capabilities, which you can get from its Ability Board.

Some abilities can be carried out in battle whilst other folks just take influence simply by currently being obtained.

JP (Career Details) are essential to attain expertise, and are gained by defeating enemies in struggle.
You will slowly unlock a lot more and additional panels and receive expertise that grant all forms of results!

Everyday Lifetime: Summer time Deliver

Which is enough about battles and action – let’s discuss about food items!

Even though some create can be grown and harvested all calendar year spherical, some fruit and veg can only be grown through a certain year.

Below is a look at some Summer deliver!

– Shatollan Paprika.
– Bellhop.
– Seatide Garlic.
– Macocoa.

Every day Daily life: Summer months Delicacies

You can provide all these crops to make funds, or you can maintain some back again for cooking. Get ready to drool when you see these examples of summer season cuisine…

– Fisherman’s Sandwich.
– Hop Juice.
– Shrimp and Mushroom Tapas.
– Melting Chocolate Fondant.

Each day everyday living: Waterside and cave biomes

If you’ve played the Harvestella demo, you’ll have found the field outdoors the protagonist’s residence. That is not the only location to increase crops, having said that – there are fields in particular environments also! There are some crops that can only improve in these environments.

Waterside biome

Here we see an irrigated industry complete of drinking water.
Sweet crops grow perfectly in this biome.

Cave biome

Spices and other seasonings mature very well in the dry ground of caves.

Every day Lifestyle: Renovation

The Renovator in Lethe can assist you to enhance many features of your daily daily life.

For instance, they can develop your subject, make or animal enclosures, or construct a kitchen area counter to permit you to prepare dinner.

Animal Enclosures

Getting an animal enclosure designed will allow for you to rear livestock.

You can increase the amount of livestock you can retain by setting up far more animal pens.

Kitchen Counter

Positioning a kitchen counter will permit you to prepare dinner meals. You cook with substances you gather and develop you grow.

Meals are critical on your adventures. For illustration, they can recuperate your endurance and HP.

Watch the gallery under for a closer seem at Shatolla, Heine and Emo, Mechanic and Woglinde employment, and much more for Harvestella in the gallery beneath.

Harvestella launches for Switch on November 4, 2022.

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