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Korean RPG? Hack and slash? Out now? Yep, yep, and yep. Your dreams have arrive true in the form of Undecember – a new take on the traditional genre that combines innumerable features to supply just one colossal corker of a video game.

Adhering to the hack-and-slash custom, Undecember is a gratifying whirlwind of brutal takedowns and moment-long massacres in which your character can devastate hordes of enemies in just one fell swoop. A gratifying and addictive gameplay function on its very own, but Undecember has blended all that is very good about the style with some juicy RPG content. 

Not only that, but the video game will take a novel approach to skilling up, meaning we have lastly obtained an alternative to the identical old grind or an obnoxiously OP endgame character with nowhere left to flip. With no described lessons and an infinite mixture of abilities, Undecember is offering a thing genuinely distinct. The solitary-player story itself will consider you deep into the tradition of Traum as you fight to defend it from the incoming darkness, whilst co-op and boss raids continue to be on offer you during. Let’s delve a tiny deeper…

A little back again story

A single of Undecember’s finest features is the prosperous planet that you are going to discover your self in when you start out. Discover of the divine beings, which break up into 12 when light arrived into existence, sharing their powers to develop Traum and nurturing their descendants. These descendants flourished below the care of the 12 beings, which ended up worshipped as gods and lived in harmony with their offspring. Sounds terrific, doesn’t it? Sad to say, items have gone downhill since then, as a 13th getting unexpectedly burst on to the scene – the evil god Serpens. 

Now, it is time for you to acquire up your sword in opposition to Serpens and bring light back to a globe battling with darkness. 

Bigger and better

When it is time to fight with Serpens for authentic, you will be much more than completely ready, many thanks to Undecember’s exclusive levelling technique that will allow you to hold receiving more powerful and a lot more highly effective as the game progresses. Each and every enemy you defeat will add to your power, as you slash as a result of terrific armies of them with an array of gorgeously responsive weapons. 

Undecember does not imagine in equipment or talent constraints, so your character will maintain obtaining more powerful more than time, ready to strengthen their power even additional with strong products, armour, and weaponry. Pick from slashing enemies with swords, aiming from afar with a lethal arrow, or summoning spells to aid you in your quest. No matter what your design and style, you can discover to choose down any enemy.


Builds with no limitations

What’s more, Undecember doesn’t have restrictive course builds, so you won’t be bound to only working with a staff if you’re a mage, or getting to melee all people as a soldier. In its place, you can decide on and opt for your possess design and style, earning a elaborate and varied character that serves your individual requirements and passions. This exceptional way of undertaking factors means you will be in a position to consider out enemies in extra appealing ways as the match goes on, buying from an array of beat variations when wanted.

You are going to also be capable to increase to these beat powers with a range of Abilities and Runes. These occur in a seemingly limitless amount of combinations, in which your character can come to be strengthened in a person unique spot or proficient throughout the board. You are going to be in a position to customise and swap your Runes so that you are completely ready for each individual fight – no matter of opponent. 

Performs beautifully 

Undecember is undeniably a beautiful recreation. The art design and style and animations are beautiful, and the myriad little information that enrich the atmosphere will hold you endlessly engaged. With significant-excellent graphics and a deeply responsive character design and style, every 2nd spent enjoying Undecember is a handle for the eyes. 

Not to mention the superb visuals of a hack-and-slash sport completed effectively, with sweeping attacks that ship enemies traveling in various instructions, or strong rapid cuts manufactured with a one blade throughout hundreds of enemies at after. Indeed, the game is brutal and bloody, but you’ll always enjoy observing it unfold.

The supreme in manager battles

Manager battles were being a special thought for the builders, who desired these crescendo times to encompass all the ideal elements of the game. You will be capable to talent and equip your player however you want, actively playing to your very own strengths or difficult oneself, but will also be equipped to staff up with many others and take pleasure in the fast-paced battle as aspect of a staff.


The one-player marketing campaign will make it possible for you to examine the globe and its interesting lore, but the manager raids are the crowning glory of Undecember. These relentless, hardcore onslaughts arrive in the kind of Chaos Dungeons and various manager raids, exactly where you can discover some of the most potent loot in the match. It’ll be a tricky battle, but the responsive beat and thorough character procedure will actually shine in the circumstance of a victory. 

Undecember is available to obtain for Computer by means of Steam – test it out nowadays.

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